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Hot Rolling Mill Of Jiuquan Iron And Steel Works Continues On The Road Of Titanium Plate Rolling
Oct 18, 2017

Hot rolling mill of Jiuquan Iron and steel works continues on the road of titanium plate rolling

Recently, Jiuquan Steel Group Hongxing stock company steelmaking and rolling plant of the successful use of the existing equipment rolling thin titanium plate has been successfully. The surface quality and performance of the products meet the customer requirements, and further broaden the scope of product production.

It is understood that the titanium plate products as a new structural material, compatibility with corrosion resistance, high strength and excellent biological, are widely used in military, medical, aerospace, marine scientific research and other industries, processing profits. Understanding of this situation, the rolling mill plate work area around the titanium plate rolling process focuses and difficulties to carry out research, and strive to overcome the rolling problem as soon as possible.

"We take a god put it up for!" This sentence is the operation process responsible engineer Li Jinze said is "Weakness lends wings to rumours". Because the titanium plate rolling with low heating temperature, soft, surface quality requirements, processing difficulty is very large, currently only for several mills of the few to have rolling ability, not to mention the existing equipment in steelmaking and rolling plant relatively rough, almost impossible to rolling this tall on products. "Old Jetta" as "Mercedes Benz" is the real expression of the project staff evaluation of this project at the time.

"Can't you do that?" Group company hot metal resources, rolling line "no meter down pot", everyone's wages where earn." In order to make the workers pay attention to the rolling titanium plate in mind, the operation area uses the large and small meeting to mobilize the field operators. To understand the importance of rolling, the staff will take the initiative to rolling titanium plate all the equipment to check again, also carried out local transformation, even above the oil are wiped cleanly, the purpose is to prevent the equipment defects affect the surface quality of titanium plate.

Technical personnel around the titanium plate heating started the article. Because the reheating furnace is a traditional pusher type design, the heated titanium billet will be softer, and if one piece is not pushed out, the surface of the mill will be worn out. In order to solve this problem, the technical personnel take the titanium billet bottom lining plate steel, and then hoist the crane to the mill rolling practice, to minimize the scratch. In addition, they also batted on the furnace, figuring out the optimum temperature for titanium blank. In order to reduce the loss of temperature in the transport process of freshly baked Pizi, plate work area also organized by crane workers skills contest, to ensure that in the shortest time to complete lifting.

Since then, rolling technology, size control have also made significant breakthroughs in technology. With a layer of technical problems were simulated breakthrough ahead of time, the customer sent two pieces of high value test rolling titanium billet one-time molding, has won the high praise of customers.

At present, the work area is also a number of production details repeated "carving", for the upcoming batch of large orders ready

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