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Hot Rolled Titanium Alloy Seamless Tube Has Been Successfully Developed And Sold Abroad
Sep 14, 2017

 Hot rolled titanium alloy seamless tube has been successfully developed and sold abroad

Shanxi Taiyuan comprehensive reform demonstration zone in September 4th held the German digital manufacturing industry demonstration park construction project, Taiyuan Qinghong Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taiyuan Qinghong") and China Academy of Engineering Wang Guodong research and development of hot rolled titanium alloy seamless pipe production technology, has been listed as the titanium alloy seamless tubes made of flexible demonstration project the construction, will soon be put into operation in the test zone.

Wang Guodong introduced, Taiyuan hot rolled titanium alloy seamless tube production technology has reached the advanced level in the world, breaking the technological monopoly of developed countries, to fill the gaps in domestic technology.

Titanium alloy with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, low density, good adhesion and other biological characteristics, widely used in the national key industries marine oil exploitation, nuclear power engineering, military engineering and aerospace industry.

For a long time, only a few titanium alloy production enterprises in our country have adopted traditional cold drawing technology, which has low production efficiency, low yield, high energy consumption, heavy pollution and limited production diameter. It is difficult to meet the market demand. The import titanium alloy seamless tube price as high as 1 million 200 thousand yuan (ton) / ton.

Domestic desalination, oil production, nuclear power projects, military engineering, aerospace and other enterprises, often need to pay high prices to buy high-end titanium alloy seamless pipe. 2014, "Taiyuan Qinghong" R & D team in the State Key Laboratory of rolling technology Northeastern University academician Wang Guodong team under the guidance of the temperature and rolling control and intelligent control technology of the team, after 3 years of research and development, developed a seamless pipe production equipment and production process of the first hot rolling of titanium alloy.

The independent intellectual property rights technology to solve the hot forming of domestic titanium alloy seamless pipe industry problems, breakthrough in developed countries to the production technology of hot-rolled seamless titanium alloy block, broke the monopoly of technology, to fill the gaps in the domestic technology, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost.

"Taiyuan Qinghong" Chairman Zhang Guoqing introduction, the traditional domestic titanium alloy seamless tube production technology, the price is about 300 thousand ~50 yuan / ton, the production time is 30 minutes / root (diameter less than 120 mm); "production Taiyuan Qinghong" hot rolling technology of titanium alloy seamless tube into the only 200 thousand yuan / ton, the production time is only 5 minutes / root. Compared with the traditional technology, the new technology has the advantages of low production cost, low energy consumption, high efficiency and little pollution, and the caliber reaches 200 millimeters, ~600 millimeters, and 12 meters long.

Zhang Guoqing said: "the rolling of titanium alloy seamless pipe production has been sold to Abu Dhabi, Saudi Iran, United Arab Emirates Emirates and the emirate of Dubai, for the Gulf seawater desalination project, the Middle East offshore oil engineering."

In the recently concluded annual meeting of Shanxi science and Technology Association, Wang Guodong said: "with this technology, China's own production of high-end titanium alloy seamless pipe, will replace imported products, to meet the needs of the state key industries."."

Experts agreed that the technology in Taiyuan project put into operation, will be expected to increase annual output value of 3 billion ~50 billion yuan, profits and taxes amounted to 500 million. ~6 billion.

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