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Hot Rolled Titanium Alloy Products To Fill The Gaps In Domestic Products
Mar 04, 2017

The titanium alloy matrix elements for adding other elements called titanium alloy, mainly for the production of aircraft engine compressor parts, structural parts of rockets and missiles and high-speed aircraft and other corrosion resistant structure of industrial materials, titanium alloy scrap recycling aerospace grade, because did not reach the standard is used for the application of low value, and recovery method of UKAD development can make part of recycled materials can keep the aerospace level, with the development and raise the level of recycling material will reach nearly half of the aerospace grade, and this proportion will continue to increase. Titanium alloy has high strength and density, good mechanical properties, good toughness and corrosion resistance. However, difficult to machining titanium alloys, in thermal processing, very easy to absorb oxygen nitrogen impurities such as carbon, complex production process.

Recently, the first domestic success of rolling Phi 127 * 9.19mm titanium alloy pipe products, Phi 168 * 11mm marine pure titanium tube with large diameter and high strength titanium alloy thick wall tube samples for evaluation of ship, fill our titanium pipe industry a number of hot rolled titanium alloy tube technology gaps, enhance the international market competitiveness of products. The hot rolling process of titanium alloy is different from the traditional cold extrusion forming process. Although the product has accumulated a number of high strength and high toughness titanium alloy rolling experience, but in addition to the trial production of gas cylinder pipe products, drill pipe and marine pipe steel grade is lower, the material is soft, high temperature rolling is very difficult. Technology center of titanium alloy tube rolling department and project group joint air force company, through the accumulation of data and new product performance analysis, organization workshops on new material production details are discussed. 

The re formulated the rolling and processing plan. In the face of intensive production rhythm, reasonable arrangements, in a day to achieve the success of the 3 titanium alloy rolling, titanium tube geometry, internal and external surface quality and so on to meet user requirements. The success of the rolling has laid a solid foundation for the realization of the production of many varieties and specifications of titanium alloy tubes.

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