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High Temperature Titanium Alloy Plate Has Been Successfully Evaluated By Scientific And Technological Achievements
May 20, 2017

May 4, 2017, commissioned by the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Institute of science and technology, enterprises in Beijing Hui joint technology development center in Beijing hosted by the Beijing Gaona Polytron Technologies Inc, Western titanium industry limited liability company independent research and development of Ti2AlNb high temperature titanium alloy sheet "evaluation of scientific and technological achievements will. In accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of the Interim Measures for the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements, the evaluation institutions have adopted the principle of objectiveness, impartiality and independence, and employed professional experts to evaluate the scientific and technological achievements. The evaluation committee heard the technical summary report of the project completion unit, reviewed the evaluation materials, and formed evaluation opinions through strict questioning and full discussion.

Ti2AlNb high temperature titanium alloy sheet to evaluate the success of the project through the technology of sheet metal forming technology in constant temperature rolling, effectively prevent the rolling temperature drop of surface cracking caused by the direct heating of Ti2AlNb sheet was prepared by direct rolling, specifications for the 37 * 1200 * 2100mmTi2AlNb alloy plate, specifications for plate 20 * 1500 * 2000mmTi2AlNb alloy using the stack rolling technology, coating, preparation of specifications for 1 * 700-1400 * 1600mmTi2AlNb alloy sheet.

Participate in project evaluation experts: Ministry of industry and information technology, electronic science and Technology Information Institute deputy director Li news agency, the national science and technology awards office director Jin Shouping, deputy director of the office of the special China Hangfa based Li Yuanchun, a researcher at the Beijing Research Institute of Aviation Engineering, Beijing Professor Li Zhen following the Nonferrous Metal Research Institute senior engineer Xie Shuisheng, China Gangyan Technology Group deformation division Zhao Guangpu, director of the University of Science and Technology Beijing professor Lin Junpin 7 experts.

Ti2AlNb high temperature titanium alloy plate successfully passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements evaluation committee unanimously agreed to pass the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements. The product has independent intellectual property rights, the technical level has reached international advanced, domestic leading, military and social benefits are remarkable, and the application prospect is broad.


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