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High Strength Titanium Alloy Nut For Automobile Refitting
Feb 20, 2017

With the development of the times, more and more people will be a decorated for his car, in the replacement value of the modified Yu Yan lifting rim, the rim with titanium screws a colorful as the ornament, is also very common. When it comes to refit wheels nut, lightweight, personalized and reliability is a lot of game player will be the topic of discussion; now on the market there are many such products, and various styles can meet the needs of the individual, but the price and quality of uneven products, lightweight and reliability to achieve what the level remains to be further. So, what kind of wheel screw can be lightweight, high reliability? Recently, Tifan (Eph titanium sodium) titanium alloy rim nut launched gave us a demonstration, and the rim nut is also installed in the invincible TIIDADemo Car. Here, we'll go to know about the Tifan launched this product.

Tifan is a company focused on providing automotive lightweight solutions and products of technology companies, R & D and production of the product will revolve around a "light", they launched the rim nut is the same. According to reports, the launch of the Tifan rim nut made of titanium alloy customization, tensile strength is more than 1000MPa, higher than the tensile strength of TC4 titanium alloy 800MPa ordinary, can provide users with reliable degree higher than the original wheel nut. And the titanium alloy rim nut weight can be reduced about 40% than the original car parts, can reduce the unsprung mass of the vehicle, the suspension work more quickly, improve vehicle comfort and stability. In addition, this nut is also processed by way of laser, on the thread out of the anti slip teeth and engraved on the text, the fine workmanship is satisfactory.

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