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High Efficiency Operation Preferred Titanium Heat Exchanger For Air Energy Water Heater
Apr 26, 2016

[HC pump network news] at this stage of air can water heater installation of universal, many product quality

problems have emerged, and basis of comparison, appear easily also is the change in heat exchanger failure

caused the low operation efficiency, high energy consumption, easy damage. 

Much of this is the changing heat exchanger fouling and tube plate and other parts of the corrosion cracking

caused by. Traditional heat exchanger inside the fluid is more toxic, high pressure, high temperature

material, once the leak, will pose a threat to human health.

With the development of technology, the heat exchanger made of titanium material is on the market, and there

 is a trend of eliminating the traditional heat exchanger. It YISHION titanium seamless tube as a heat 

carrier, the outer tube using an industrial reinforced polyvinyl chloride injection molding; titanium and

 PVC two have a strong corrosion resistance. It can be used in swimming pool, aquarium, farms, sea water 

bath, bath, ship with heating and cooling equipment and chemical equipment cooling system flow of 

temperature control; can also be used for in the anti-corrosion of the main objective of the field, such as

 utilization of seawater and surface treatment industry. In addition, the use of titanium ion is not the 

loss of this feature, titanium tube heat exchanger is also used in food, distilled water, pure water,

 brewing, beer, beverages, non soil cultivation, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and industry. Can also be 

applied in the field of environmental protection, such as waste gas condensate recovery, pollutant (solvent) recycling, etc..

Currently on the market for heat exchanger are different, including ceramic, heat storage type, mixed type,

 wall and so on, Foshan Xin Lei is a focus on production and sales of energy-saving and environmental

 protection for thermal equipment enterprises. It integrates R & D, manufacturing, sales and service as a 

whole, the product covers, the coil shell for heat exchanger, titanium tube for heat exchanger, nickel 

copper pipe heat exchanger, double wall tube shell type heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger, heat recovery 

device, which is widely used in commercial air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, heat pump water 

heater, swimming pool temperature equipment, seafood pool temperature machines. The following small make up

 for you to introduce Xin Lei four advanced titanium heat exchanger.

Titanium tube heat exchanger MHTA-15


Product advantage:

1, the upper end cover, the lower end cover by a dedicated PVC mold injection molding, in accordance with the requirements of the RoHS directive;

2, due to its perfect design, can withstand high pressure to use, the maximum acceptable limit pressure 2.1Mpa;

3, the opening end cover titanium tube bearing capacity has been exceeded American UL, ETL international standard requirements, and after 10 million times of alternating pressure test, to ensure that the service life of up to more than 10 years;

4, beautiful appearance, safe use, high heat transfer efficiency, convenient installation, saving space.

Test conditions: ambient dry ball 24 degrees, wet ball 19 degrees Celsius, the water temperature of 27 degrees.

Two. High efficiency titanium screw pipe heat exchanger


High efficiency: 3-7 times of the traditional heat exchanger

Energy saving: save 15% steam or improve 1-3% solvent recovery rate

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