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Global Industrial Fastener Market Analysis And Challenges
Apr 21, 2016

                Global industrial fastener market analysis and challenges

Fastener is known as "the rice industry," and who is charged with the task of connecting and fastening, its

 share of industrial product cost the proportion and the importance is inversely proportional to, in the

 cost of industrial products fasteners may only be in the minority, but its importance can Magdalene rate 

is almost 100% peep to know; a small fastener if errors to a whole automatic production line of the 

automobile may therefore shutdown, even aircraft engine due to the tight firmware error must whole 

reloading, the total cost of technicians, engine and related components cost, production time, cost and 

other is a hundred times more than fasteners.

After the financial crisis of 2008, five years after the global economy has been out of the haze, but 

limited demand, countries have in the search for the next wave of economic momentum, invariably will eyes 

placed in the industrial manufacturing. And fasteners and industrial highly correlated, talk about general

 industrial fasteners species can be classified into three types: external thread fasteners (externally 

threaded),titanium standard fasteners (standard), aerospace fasteners (Aero-space grade) application in electronic 

and electrical appliances, aerospace, machinery, motor vehicles and maintenance market (maintenance, repair, 

and Overhauling, referred to as MRO), this article will analyze the 2014 and 2018 fastener of global 

industry market situation and now the industrial structure is likely to face the challenge.

(a) industrial fasteners market 2014-2018 compound growth rate estimates more than 6%

2014 global industrial fasteners operating income reached $73 billion 100 million, compared with 2013 growth

 of 5%. Predicted that by 2018, the global industrial fasteners will have $93 billion 600 million in 

revenue, 2014-2018 years of compound growth rate will reach 6.4%, [figure 1] global industrial fasteners

 market performance for 2014-2018.

(2) industrial fasteners market in 2018 is expected to automobile and construction industry as the main 

engine of growth

At present, the global fastener manufacturers are very competitive. Its main production targets are the following four:

1 the pursuit of the most suitable operating costs

2 maximum production equipment efficiency

3 shorten the time of production to delivery.

4 to improve the quality of output

The proportion of current industrial fasteners industrial power still comes from the automotive, 

construction, mechanical three terminal application market and MRO Market. 

[Fig. 2] for the 2014 and 2018 four large application market in industrial fasteners market change, the 

figure can be seen 5 years after the industrial fasteners to automobile and camp built two large industrial 

applications continued to maintain a growth trend, 2018 years of automotive fasteners accounted for the 

overall industrial fasteners market 26%, battalion Jianye accounted for 8%, mechanical industry fasteners 

are flat, accounting for all industrial fasteners about 2, the three together accounted for the overall

 industrial fastener market share of more than half, and MRO Market accounted for nearly 8% of the 


Era of the rise of the automobile industry coincided with the global wave of change and new eco car, 

association of international automobile manufacturers (oica) 2014 global auto sales report pointed out that

 at present the global auto industry sales have been from 2010 the 75 million growth to 89 million in 2014.

 Compound annual growth rate of 4%, is expected to 2018 auto industry sales will exceed 100 million units,

 then auto fastener demand is expected to be $26 billion 100 million, $24 billion 600 million in revenue.

 [figure three] for 2014-2018 global automotive fasteners market performance, from 2014 to 2018 compound

 annual growth rate is expected to be 7.2%, than the same period of the whole industrial fasteners is 

expected CAGR of 6.4%, outstanding performance.

Global car production in 2014 ranked top five respectively for mainland China (26.4%), American (13.0%), 

Japan (10.9%), German (6.6%) and South Korea (5.0%), light the top three accounted for half of the global 

auto market. The future should focus on the production of commercial brand cars in Germany, France and the 

United Kingdom, the product is concerned about the heavy commercial trucks, medium commercial vehicles and 

light commercial vehicle market. In addition, China and India in particular preference for European senior 

cars such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW and other, to cater to these newly rich countries owners demand,

European car manufacturers gradually all over the world especially Asian area build car manufacturing plant;

 for countries in the Asia Pacific region, especially mainland China, China Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and 

other fastener production in major countries, car plant derived auto fastener demand gap will be a 


In addition to the automotive fasteners market, the second largest industrial fasteners market for the MRO

 market, from 2014 to 2018 the annual growth rate is more than 5%, to 2018 will reach $20 billion 400 

million in revenue, accounting for about 24% of the overall industrial market; followed by mechanical 

industrial fasteners, from 2014 to 2018 the annual growth rate is more than 5%, to reach 19 billion in 2018 

dollars of revenue, the total industrial fasteners market of about 20%; finally for the construction of

 industrial fasteners, from 2014 to 2018 the annual growth rate is more than 8%, industrial fasteners, all 

industrial fasteners in the highest growth rate and to 2018 with the fastener auto industry as the only 

remains a significant growth trend of the remaining flat, camp Jianye industrial fasteners is expected in 

2018 will reach $700 million in revenue, accounting for the overall industrial fasteners market of about 8%.

2014 and 2018 industrial titanium gr5 fastening parts industry trend towards positive growth, especially in the 

automotive industry to pose the leader lead fastener industry thriving, 2018 automobile production and sales 

will be more than one hundred million vehicles, automotive fasteners will simultaneously benefit from; and 

camp Jianye benefit in emerging countries there are still a lot of infrastructure projects such as bridges, 

high-speed rail and other public construction is construction, to 2018 growth rate will be more than 8%, for

 the rapid growth of industrial fasteners applications; mechanical industrial fastening pieces remained 

nearly 20% of the city estimated rate, MRO Market have the opportunity to continue to grow. The whole 

industrial fasteners to the market in 2018 is expected to exceed $90 billion in revenue from 2014 to 2018,

 the compound annual growth rate of more than 6%.

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