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For 3D Printing Titanium Parts Of The Oil And Gas Industry For The First Time By Lloyd Certification
Sep 18, 2017

For 3D printing titanium parts of the oil and gas industry for the first time by Lloyd certification

Recently, the global engineering, technology and business services company Lloyd (Lloyd sRegister LR) announced a major news: one for the 3D printed titanium parts of the oil and gas industry for the first time to obtain certification. This is a milestone in the industry.

LR does not print this part itself, but uses its existing framework to oversee and validate the entire process, which may provide further guidance for manufacturers to authenticate other 3D print components. The certified components are designed by SaferPlugCompany (SPC) and manufactured by AM production company 3TRPD, which is made by powder bed melting process 3D, a titanium inlet manifold (gatewaymanifold) used in a pipe.

More than a year ago, since SPC wanted to design and manufacture this part, LR was required to provide an independent guarantee for the part manufacturing process. LR's certification of added material manufacturing allows manufacturers and end users to believe that a 3D print is up to standard.

LR and the Institute of welding (TWI) have formulated their own guidelines for the manufacture of metal parts and materials. Both LR and TWI are deeply involved in the 3D printing industry, a member of several manufacturers of materials manufacturing standardization. The framework involves not only material standards, but the LR team also evaluates the various manufacturing facilities used in the production manifold.

The 3D print will be integrated into one component, this component will be used for a pipeline isolation tool, one of the world's smallest tool includes these tools, it can handle pipe diameter of six inches.

"From the industry and customer perspective, this certification adds confidence in 3D print, and this will undoubtedly accelerate the oil and gas industry to adopt AM to make this technology become the mainstream," Dr. technology, quality and innovation director ClaireRuggiero LR said.

The next batch of Manifolds (10 in total) produced by SPC and 3TRPD will also be certified by the LR. In addition, SPC is currently seeking a certificate of type approval (TypeApproval) for LR. With it, SPC and 3TRPD will be able to build manifolds and other pipe isolation tools as needed

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