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Expanding The Application Of Titanium Terminal Is The Core Issue Of The Development Of The Industry
Apr 27, 2016

April 20, the national industry and information security department deputy director of the division of the Li Weijia in 2016 China Titanium annual conference and soldiers of the supply chain management and oil with titanium Seminar on the results of the titanium industry in China is made in the development of affirmed. 

He pointed out that the current development of China's titanium industry is very rapid, China has become the world's titanium industry, in 2015 the production of titanium sponge about 62000 tons, about 48000 tons of titanium alloy material. Titanium as a key new material has been widely used in aerospace, marine engineering, petroleum chemical industry, daily life, medical equipment and other fields. 2015 BaoTi group, Western superconducting, ship 725 and enterprise in the development, application and technological research of titanium has made great achievements, BaoTi group of titanium in China has independently developed the C919 aircraft and 4500 meters deep diving submersible successful application indicate that China's titanium industry development to a new level.

Li Weijia put forward, in the continuous development, we should also see the problems. The titanium industry in China is in the high-end market application still exist short board, high quality of the aircraft grade titanium sponge, wide titanium plate, large diameter titanium tube, aero engine with titanium alloy products and foreign is still certain gap.

Li Weijia stressed that under the new situation at present, around the "made in China 2025" key tasks, especially automobile manufacturing, aerospace technology, marine engineering equipment, rail transportation equipment and other high-end manufacturing, need to vigorously develop the titanium industry. 

The ministry this year, continue to implement the industrial restructuring and upgrading Qiangjiengineering, focusing on support for advanced equipment, new building materials, electronic information, biological medicine and new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection and key areas, support for new energy efficient solar photovoltaic component in a focus direction, vanadium and titanium alloy, high performance carbon fiber t500 above new materials.

National Bureau of statistics released the latest data show that in the first quarter of this year, China's high-tech industry and the equipment manufacturing industry added value, respectively, an increase of 9.2% and 7.5%, respectively, higher than the growth of above scale industrial fast 3.4 and 1.7 percentage points, accounting for above scale industrial added value accounted for 12.1% and 32.4%, than last year increase over the same period 1.1 and 1.7 percentage points. We should seize the opportunity, keep up with the situation, and actively organize relevant projects to declare national support, for the industry in the new era has better and faster development.

Currently, under the influence of macroeconomic, titanium industry inevitable also encountered structural capacity surplus, down the price of the products, enterprises started insufficiency, the decline in the economic efficiency of the universal problems, and special problem is titanium industry hasn't found a large-scale application of a breakthrough, expanded titanium terminal application is titanium industry is facing the core problem.

At the same time, Li Weijia of Ti, Zr, and HF association request, hope titanium association to better play a role as a bridge and link, promote fusion titanium industry and downstream areas through the industry, upstream and downstream docking, so that more and better titanium products has been widely used in the downstream. I hope the titanium industry confidence, overcome difficulties, to meet the bright future of the titanium industry.

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