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Eurasian Economic Union Temporarily Exempted From The Use Of Titanium Tariffs
Mar 20, 2017

The Interfax news agency in Moscow August 19th hearing, the Eurasian Economic Commission announced the decision to reduce import tariffs on titanium waste in December 31, 2016, before the waste titanium tariff rate from 5% to zero, 30 days after the decision takes effect since officially announced. Waste titanium is the raw material for the production of titanium alloy and high-grade titanium iron, and is widely used in aviation, rocket and ship manufacturing, as well as in the field of nuclear energy, medicine and chemical industry. The Eurasian Economic Union member country needs major Russian titanium products enterprises, power automobile Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd's Russian helicopter Limited by Share Ltd, Kaluga pipeline Limited by Share Ltd; Russia's largest titanium products production enterprises VSMPO-AVISMA group company, Kazakhstan production enterprises ust kamenogorsk titanium magnesium group.

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