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Domestic 60 Thousand Tons Of Titanium Sponge Touch
Mar 22, 2017

Recently, the domestic titanium industry the most explosive news is the domestic titanium dioxide industry of the two leading enterprises in Sichuan longmang listed and Chinese domestic titanium dioxide company with billions of events. From April 6, 2015, the two companies merged to open the road to start, after half a year, finally coming into fruition, gratifying. This merger creates a market capitalization of more than 30 billion of the listed company, after the merger of billions is titanium dioxide industry super carrier, production scale ranks first in the country, the world's fourth.

The focus of concern is the billions in the combined company chairman Xu Gang speak. He is on the future development of enterprises put forward three points, comprehensively enhance the continued commitment to titanium dioxide production, the existing production capacity of 600 thousand tons, expanded to 1 million 300 thousand tons, including 700 thousand tons of sulfuric acid, 600 thousand tons of chlorination, and eventually become the world's largest titanium dioxide production enterprises; secondly, the formation of the industrial chain advantage by chlorination the extension, the construction of 60 thousand tons of titanium sponge project, at the same time extension of titanium alloy material used in military to downstream; third, through the merger and acquisition strategy, mergers and quality of enterprise, enhance the industrial concentration.

In just about the future development of enterprises in the formulation of titanium, we should calmly think about the current serious excess capacity of titanium sponge under the condition of serious weakness in the stock market in titanium processing market, to extend the industrial chain to form 60 thousand tons of production of titanium sponge and titanium alloy materials with extension to the downstream industry at the same time, and the merger of quality companies, enhance the feasibility of industrial concentration in the end how much? Achieve the goal of the reality and reliability in the end how much? Xu Gang in this direction, it really caused a lot of attention in the titanium industry companies, but also triggered a heated discussion of the industry's events.

Whether Bo audience audience?

The interpretation of this statement is not difficult for us to understand, and merged into production enterprises billions longmang first domestic titanium dioxide production capacity of 600 thousand tons, from now, gradually developed into a production capacity of 1 million 300 thousand tons, the stage goal may not be difficult to achieve. From the current point of view, this year's domestic sales price of titanium dioxide 10 rose, or more than 30%, a substantial increase in corporate income. Good prospects for development, good development trend, naturally rich titanium dioxide industry. According to the current development trend of aspiring, the domestic titanium dioxide industry, longmang billions to achieve the first goal just set a can be said to be with extreme ease.

But the author believes that the implementation of titanium processing industry chain extension and production of military material for titanium alloy, the two strategic target is Bo eyeball component, to the development of domestic titanium processing enterprises 50 years BaoTi group as an example, to extend the industrial chain is the last ten years, military use of titanium material is in constant innovation development to the steady development of. The development of the industry and longmang billions cross, difficult to achieve the goal, as can be imagined.

Is it possible to extend the titanium industry chain?

In order to achieve billions to enter the titanium processing industry, there is a long way to go. The first "gehangrugeshan". Although the titanium dioxide industry and titanium processing industry are titanium industry, but the production of titanium sponge from scratch, the production of military titanium alloy materials, is not an overnight thing. No matter from the processing equipment for producing titanium sponge and titanium materials, and processing technology, technical barriers are difficult to overcome, to get through these key equipment and technology products, the way to go to the ridge, to attack, is long in the future. Second, the need for strong capital chain support. Its chairman Xu Gang at the press conference said the joint and longmang Kimberly, two after the merger, the annual net profit of not less than 1 billion yuan. Conference longmang billions and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the Shanghai Pudong development bank intends for enterprise credit 5 billion yuan. These funds support billions of production capacity of 600 thousand tons from longmang now from the capital chain, and gradually become the need of the development of the production capacity of 1 million 300 thousand tons, but to open up the sponge titanium, titanium processing industry chain also need more powerful funds to support.

As the saying goes "experts see road, laymen watch, it is combined with the news and longmang Kimberly is inspiring, encouraging the morale of titanium industry, become a successful example of industry consolidation. But in China, titanium sponge titanium processing industry overcapacity, the development trend of the market demand is not strong, want to share a delicious "cake" is not easy. But we still look forward to, through mergers and acquisitions within the industry, will inject new vitality into the development of titanium industry.

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