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Dislocation Development Brings New Hope
Dec 07, 2015

the industry chain of titanium industry in our city is relatively complete, but in view of structure, more than half of the main business of the enterprise is located in the middle reaches of the industry chain layout is not balanced. The resulting product added value is low, the enterprise is a vicious competition and other outstanding issues so that practitioners have a headache. Liu Qiaoyan is one of them, as general manager of the Baoji Lixing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., over the years, she always think the city should promote the dislocation development of small and medium-sized enterprises, establish cooperative development relationship, speeding up the titanium equipment, titanium material deep processing product development efforts, form diversified products and the difference of product structure, to achieve maximum benefit.

- today, whether the relevant management departments or more and more companies have a resonance with Liu Qiaoyan. In December 2013, City Hall determined "Baoji - China titanium Valley" located in the eastern Meixian King River Industrial park. At the beginning of the construction of the park, in the selection of projects on inventive, as little as possible to introduce traditional, and weak competitiveness of titanium industry projects, but the look in the emerging field of titanium alloy medical equipment, sports equipment, equipment manufacturing, military, etc.,. One of the most notable to BaoTi world element number of Asia's largest titanium alloy golf sports equipment production line project. This project total investment of 6 yuan, the main production of titanium alloy golf equipment series products, as well as R & D center construction, etc., after the completion of the project can achieve 15 yuan of industrial output value.

- this year, the park of Shaanxi stent Biological Technology Co., Ltd. introduction Austria imported equipment, mainly the production of medical titanium alloy joint stem and prosthesis precision forging, plans an annual production capacity of 50 million pieces. The project because of the advanced technology, the company's products have to open up the international market strength, years export 200 million to $300 million, efforts will be "stent" to build a well-known international brands and leading the domestic joint handle precision machining industry is developing rapidly.

- at the beginning of the new year, park with "thousands of cadres package catch thousands of family enterprise" activities as an opportunity, positive for businesses and projects to solve problems, and has helped Rong source titanium industry, new nuclear, Xing Yu pipe industry, new titanium process enterprises to improve the financing loan procedures, the coordination of the lending of 60 million yuan. Strive for the yuan to large titanium nickel alloy precision casting project, Teng far titanium nickel material production line project and other industrial projects located in 4, with a total investment of 1.63 yuan. At the same time, help enterprises to upgrade, take the road to the characteristics of development, guide them in medical devices, human implants, chemical, marine and other fields to break through the technical difficulties, to open up new markets, to do the titanium industry.

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