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Development And Application Of Domestic Medical Titanium Alloy And New Titanium Alloy Materials
Jul 23, 2018

Due to the development of aerospace technology, titanium alloy research and development has been very active compared to titanium sponge. Great progress has been made from basic research to alloy properties research to applied research. Interstitial atoms affect titanium strength and bulk modulus research, basic research. The finite element simulation study of the interface behavior of composite materials, the study of alloy order strengthening, the interaction of atoms and vacancies in alloys, etc. have made progress.


In order to meet the application performance requirements of titanium materials in different fields, the design work of alloy materials has a large space for exerting significant effects. BT37 alloy, NIN CT20 alloy, NIN Ti-600 alloy, Ti-60 alloy, "IT15D alloy, NIN Ti-40 alloy, NIN Ti-26 alloy, and NIN TP-650 alloy applied to the aerospace field have been able to meet in recent years. The requirements of different components for data application performance, representative of new grade alloy materials researched at home and abroad. Some can also reduce costs and reduce quality, high-temperature titanium alloys (such as Ti53311S research is also a hot spot) used in the field of shipbuilding Timetal511 alloy NIN TiB19 alloy and NIN Ti-91 alloy have obvious improvement in toughness, corrosion resistance and sound permeability, etc. for large ships such as Ti-35ZrlONb alloy and Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr titanium alloy. Etc. The bone material developed by Tsinghua University in recent years is a typical representative of the application in the biological field. The golf clubs widely used in the civil field use a titanium alloy called KSTil9, which is actively promoted by the manufacturing of the aircraft carrier and the development of the marine industry. ZrNbTaPd and sn are mainly used as titanium alloy elements to enhance mechanical properties and biocompatibility, resulting in a significant cost reduction and improved quality.

The application research of titanium rods and titanium alloys in construction, automobile, marine engineering, medical and sporting goods has begun to increase. In recent years, due to the popularization of titanium, especially in the field of desalination, it has attracted widespread attention. Medical titanium alloy 1C 20Ti 6A17Nb products have been clinically applied.

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