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Demand For Titanium For Aerospace Industry In The United States Is Rising And Demand For Titanium For Industry Is Down
Nov 10, 2017

Demand for titanium for aerospace industry in the United States is rising and demand for titanium for industry is down

The two quarter of 2017, although the industrial market activity decreases, industrial titanium demand decline, but the aerospace market demand growth promoting the supply of titanium, aerospace titanium plate and titanium rod prices.

American Standard Ti6Al4V board price increased from 27~29 USD / pound to 28~30 USD / pound, while 6/4 bar price increased from 20~22 US dollar / pound to 21~23 USD / pound. The price of 6/4 titanium is still 8~8.5 USD / pound.

A titanium producer in the United States says business is busy now, but the product is not sold. The traditional seasonal slowdown is coming, usually in August, but in the past few years this period has been extended to September.

The United States aerospace titanium scrap prices in the near future growth. Bulk 6/4 scrap price of 3.5~3.75 dollar / pound, than the price of titanium sponge low $1. The price of rotor sponge titanium imported from Japan dropped from 4.95 US dollars per pound to 4.83 US dollars per pound. With the increase of titanium scrap prices slightly aviation, but still below historical levels.

The price of commercial pure titanium sheet dropped from 10.75~11.25 USD / lb to 9.5~10 USD / pound. The price of commercial pure titanium bars dropped from 13.5~14 USD / lb to 13~13.5 USD / pound.

The United States a titanium dealer said that commercial pure titanium market downturn, the use of commercial pure titanium industries include oil and gas, chemical processing and shipbuilding industry in recent years, the development is slow, and China businessmen have been at a very low price dumping products. (titanium industry in China)

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