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Delicious Life, Titanium Good
Sep 14, 2017

                                                    Delicious life, "titanium" good

The freshness of the food is not only the delicacy of the food itself, but also the freshness of the utensils. Thus, in the process of human development, looking for kitchen utensils, tableware, tea sets of materials to bring forth the new. Pottery, bronze, iron, aluminum, stainless steel utensils and so on are in alternate progressive human "chowhound" role. With the prosperity of material life and the progress of science and technology, people pay more attention to and demand the selection of vessel materials of "health + freshness". Thus, in a thousand million selected, titanium this "Pro biological metal" gradually with its non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, capacitive and other characteristics conducive to human health to enter the line of sight.

Recently, in the development of kitchen utensils, tableware, food culture has always attached great importance to the concept of health of Guangzhou Bo Ti Ltd. launched a eye-catching "fresh titanium Cup", the pursuit of delicious food let people have the possibility to maintain "delicious" taste. Delicious induced tongue, "fresh" acoustic induced diners, bloggers and other civilian enterprises to borrow for titanium titanium titanium has developed titanium fresh cup, mug and other utensils characteristics different from other materials, not only to ensure that the storage of fresh food, but also to protect the consumer's stomach, eat healthy, with the rest assured, advocate "delicious" the concept of healthy living.

Chairman Huang Changde told reporters: "I was on the family's attitude is titanium." This attitude is in the health and beauty, delicious taste, kitchen utensils exquisite, enjoy the Chinese diet culture is broad and profound, and enjoy the harmony of home.

So, why does the fresh titanium cup have the special effect of keeping food fresh?

Because titanium has the characteristics of being recognized as a healthy non-toxic element, there is no impact on the human plant nerve and taste nerves. Moreover, titanium is resistant to acid and alkaline corrosion and has good compatibility with human body. It is widely used in medical and human implantation fields, such as cranium, vertebra, patella and so on. Titanium is also known as space metal, marine metal, and biological metal. In fact, titanium research results from the laboratory out and transformed into productivity, only fifty or sixty years time, the body has excellent performance has gradually been developed, recognized and applied.

Scientific research found that titanium also has the function of photocatalyst, nano titanium dioxide is coated on the surface of the substrate, in ultraviolet light under the action of catalytic degradation will produce strong function, can effectively toxic and harmful gases in the air and degradation effectively kill a variety of bacteria, bacteria or fungi release toxin, and at the same time with the exception of formaldehyde, deodorant, anti fouling, air purification and other functions. Many benefits of human beings are still being researched and developed.

According to Huang Changde introduction, with the production of titanium Bo ti "titanium fresh cup" preservation performance is reflected in the non-toxic and corrosion resistance excellent on. In a Soybean Milk, dairy products, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, juice, soup, dessert and a variety of hot and cold medicine, acid-base beverage, and the liner not adverse reactions, without any harmful heavy metal dissolution, can keep the drinks fresh, authentic, safety and health. At the same time, "fresh titanium Cup" by the company independent research and development of HMF welding technology and inner electrolytic polishing process, which has stronger stability and maintain health, to ensure the sealing performance and the cup of diversified requirements, effectively avoid the adhesion of dirt and bacteria. At present, these two technologies are in the international advanced level, and has successfully applied for patents.

With the introduction of fresh titanium cup, titanium preservation of food for health, fresh, excellent, beautiful, cool and so on, delicate fragrance of good performance will be disc and table culture. The titanium kitchenware, the titanium tableware and the titanium tea set made of titanium will surely fly into the homes of ordinary people and open the healthy era of titanium.

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