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CPI Gradually High External Force To Promote The Solar Industry More Mature
Nov 11, 2016

Japan, the National Bureau of statistics data released in June CPI rose 6.4%, or a three year high, the chain rose 0.3%, the increase is also in the expansion. CPI high, will inevitably lead to monetary tightening, tight funding. In the off-season for the solar industry, market participants said that despite the high consumer price index higher, the state will continue to introduce a series of policies and measures to stabilize growth, but it can only stimulate the emergence of individual theme of investment growth, the year 10 million sets of low-income housing plan, allowing local bonds under escort may, rapid implementation. To a large extent, it will lead to some of the green engineering experience of large enterprises of solar energy sales promotion, and small and medium enterprises may be worse.

CPI go high and small businesses into trouble

In contrast to the high rise in the form of CPI is the deposit reserve ratio to improve. June 14th, the central bank announced that since June 20th, the increase in deposit taking financial institutions RMB deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points. After the sixth increase in the large and medium-sized financial institutions deposit reserve rate reached 21.5% high. At the same time, a series of interest rate, raising the deposit reserve rate control measures in stabilizing prices, largely resulting in damage to the real economy, the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises in the collapse of the weak foundation of the dilemma.

The countryside round solar shuffle competition, solar energy enterprises from 6000 dropped to 4000, while the mature industry toward the right track, but the financial strength of large enterprises is still not much, except Ley Nor Ritter, Emperor Ming, sijimuge dozens of long development period, high brand reputation of large enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises the amount of more than 90%. Increase of bank regulation and control policy will undoubtedly bring serious pressure on the solar industry. "Although the rate of less than 50% of the total solar energy contribution to the industrial development of small and medium-sized enterprises or even lower, but the number of enterprises has increased industrial activity, initiation and push for the solar energy industry played an indelible stimulation." Relevant industry experts say. Unofficial data show that at present the country about 9 million 800 thousand small and medium enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households about 29 million, this data is still maintained at an annual rate of 12% - 10%. In the face of continued high CPI and bank regulation and control, the next step to save the competitive disadvantage of small and medium enterprises is a crucial issue.

Small and medium enterprises should take the road of brand operation

National Ministry data show that the first two months of this year, more than 15.8% of the size of the small and medium-sized enterprises, an increase of 0.3%, the growth rate of loss of up to 22.3%, the majority of enterprises because the loan is difficult to cause loss. Loans have begun to affect the normal operation of many small and medium enterprises, the Ministry of small and medium enterprises are also concerned about these credit problems. Industrial and Commercial Association of Zhejiang in April to do the survey of small and medium enterprises, the company said it is now more difficult than the financial crisis in 2008.

But it is fortunate that the country in terms of loans to strategic emerging industries have increased. However, after all, the loan is passive measures, experts suggest that the long-term development of small and medium enterprises must take the road of brand operations.

Solar without fear of heights to accelerate shuffle mature industry

"No need to" fear ", the solar energy industry reshuffle accelerated mature, strong small and medium-sized enterprises choose to take the brand development path of dependable stability can still walk out of predicament." Linuoruite general manager Shen Wenming said, "every large enterprises will inevitably experience financial difficulties of the period, the key to see how to deal with. Pretty in the past is a blessing, rely on marketing to take the shortcut is a curse."

The words of the words of the application of the civilization behind the years of hard struggle. 2011 is the tenth year linuoruite passed this year, enterprises harvest: solar high-temperature technology to mature, and begin to use solar energy boiler market, building integration continue to climb, the sun gradually integrated into the low-income housing plan, the water heater marketing to gain a complete victory.

From 2001 to 2005 the first five years, the first Chinese enterprise linuoruite industry experienced hardship start, Sino German cultural thinking running, enterprise management strategy, organization adjustment direction is a problem. But insist on steady linuoruite or get out of the dilemma, vigorously promote the reform of management mode, clear corporate positioning and brand strategy after the end of 2005, higher than the industry market to achieve 25% annual growth rate.

In 2005 -2010, linuoruite is occupied building integrated solar thermal technology, has developed a set of high ground, vacuum tube and CPC integrated thermal system heat of 150 degrees Celsius temperature, the solar heat utilization industry success, using solar energy boiler project for the entire industry leveraging 13200 billion market capacity. During the "15 plan", the average annual sales growth of 67% types.

CPI's "inflation hand" not only frustrated the public spending power, but also to the small and medium enterprises to bring a lot of confusion, especially the low threshold, poor endurance of solar energy emerging industries. However, for the remaining 4000 enterprises of the solar industry reshuffle can reduce competition and low-end, poor business chaos. "Filter virus, we can be more healthy growth, we look forward to a more mature solar energy industry."

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