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Cost Increased And Low Inventory Caused Sponge Titanium Price Increasing Highly
Mar 26, 2018

The latest data show that the 0 to 4 level sponge titanium market quotation is up about 3%, and the present price for titanium sponge titanium 0 is RMB fifty eight thousands and five hundreds yuan per ton . The price of sponge titanium is rising again in Chinese Lunar New Year. In February 28th, the price of titanium sponge at all levels rose by 1000 yuan per ton.

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Industry insiders believe that the cost end and the tight stock have become the main factor in this price rise. 

The main reason for the price of titanium sponge increased two times, analyst Li Bin believes that the cost of titanium end price increases, the rising cost of supporting the price of titanium sponge. Sichuan Panzhihua titanium prices rose two, 46% grade titanium is currently at 1370 yuan / ton, 40% grade titanium is currently at 850 yuan / ton, compared to before the Spring Festival rose 7.45% and 6.25%; at the same time, titanium sponge inventory decline. Overall, the recent rise in price and cost of titanium sponge titanium increases near the end, titanium sponge industry is still in the line near the cost profit situation.

In addition, the magnesium ingot of the raw material of titanium sponge rose by about 300 yuan per ton. The price of four titanium chloride is relatively stable, but with the shutdown and overhaul of large four titanium chloride enterprises, the supply of titanium chloride may lead to supply tension and the price of four titanium chloride.

From the situation of the downstream market, titanium enterprises have a certain amount of sponge titanium stock, and the shortage of a large amount of titanium sponge in the short term. Rui Dao metal net predicts that the future business of titanium sponge market will be a small amount of demand, downstream enterprises or reduction of purchase to digest inventory.

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