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Competitive Price And High Quality Sputtering Target
Jul 23, 2016

The target of research need to consider the electrical, magnetic, reflectance and color appearance... , the company for the various needs of customers, develop appropriate materials and processes, such as metal material smelting casting, forging, rolling and processing technology; ceramic material used to powder production, sintering, hot pressing sintering, hot and so on are pressure sintering, oxygen enriched sintering), processing technology; part of the special alloy due to component uniformity requirements should be more use to the spray technology, the purpose that in control the microstructure, such as grain size and texture (texture) and phase control to achieve product requirements of the customer.Conductive adhesive is a customized products, research and development needs for individual customers with different screen printing parameters and burning conditions, the design of different formulations, in order to achieve the requirements of mass production. 

R & D equipment:Metal target: vacuum melting furnace (VIM) forging and rolling equipmentDifficult molten metal and ceramic target: vacuum duster (VIGA), hot pressing sintering furnace (HP), heat are pressure sintering furnace (hip) enriched sintering furnace. Etc..Crystalline silicon solar cell conductive adhesive (Yin Lvjiao) research and development, in addition to the ready production of conductive adhesive equipment, solar cell is ready experimental line, always verify the performance of the output of the product, and quickly provide customers customized products. Check.ProcessThe target of melting, casting, forging process.In the production of high speed induction smelting furnace, after casting into ingot, then the high speed forging machine for target embryo forming, and finally to the microcomputer car (milling) machine processing to the customer demand of product style. 

The main competitive advantage:Complete refining recovery system, effectively reduce the material cost.Products with low oxygen content, no residue.High purity imported raw materials, to ensure that the sputtering efficiency.Fine grain microstructure.Product form diversification.Hot pressed ChengAfter pre pressing of ceramic and metal alloy powder, high temperature and high pressure are used to make the.The main competitive advantage: last.Ceramic and metal alloy target high relative density.Customized research and development.Flexible bonding processThe application of unique metal treatment process, to avoid the traditional to splash plating metal of high cost and inconvenient, especially for large size joint target applications, is the best choice.Major competitive advantage:Diverse target joint service - various kinds of metal and ceramics, oxide target;

 cover engageable materials are more than 100 species.- the expansion of large size bonding is particularly suitable for future large more than 10 generation target size can be TFT-LCD.Perfect precision ultrasonic testing equipment - enough to ensure the reliability of the bonding quality.Production and manufacture of solar conductive adhesiveThe inorganic powder, glass powder and organic solvent, fully mixing, mixing and dispersing, and finally packaging into finished product delivery and other operations.Major competitive advantage:Strong R & D team, rich formula development, can quickly deal with customer problems.Mass production, to meet customer needs.Strict quality control and multivariate analysis instrument, can maintain high quality production.Precious metal refining processThe various forms of the low purity of precious metals, the use of chemical replacement and electrolytic precipitation, refining and purification.

Major competitive advantage:High purity control.High yield.High frequency induction melting processUsing high speed fusion technology, special wear resistant and corrosion resistant alloy, fusion bonding lining of high strength steel, forming both wear resistance and corrosion resistance properties of double metal pipe, cater to the needs of the market forming all kinds of harsh use.Major competitive advantage:High wear resistant, high corrosion resistant dual alloy material pipe and screw group supply.Unique process, fast delivery, quality and stability.Professional team research and development design and analysis capabilities, to help customers quickly and effectively solve the problem.

Vacuum induction melting gas spray (VIGA) processIn the vacuum environment, the alloy powder was produced by gas spraying after induction melting.Major competitive advantage:Metal alloy powder composition uniformity.Low gas content of metal alloy powder.Quality assuranceXinke quality policy for "customer oriented, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, the sustainable development of the green products in low harmful substances". All quality control procedures are based on the ISO9001 and QC080000 system, from the feed, the process to the finished product and the whole process of monitoring, to ensure that the quality of products fully meet customer needs. 

In addition to the monitoring of the system surface, and through the measurement and analysis of the quantitative data of the instrument to ensure product quality. .Quality control equipment:On physical examination, with volume precision measuring instruments such as CMM measuring instrument, the second element altimeter, hardness meter, roughness instrument.In the analysis of chemical materials, with higher order analytical instruments such as ICP-OES, luminescence analyzer, ion chromatography, than surface area measurement instrument, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer, particle size analyzer, handheld X-ray element analysis, microwave digester, metallographic microscope and so onISO and other related quality control standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001, QC080000

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