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Classification, Application And Surface Properties Of Titanium Wires
Jan 25, 2019

First of all, titanium wire has different standards, divided into titanium wire standards and glass titanium wire standards, their phi is not the same, not the same standard application is also not the same. There are many, many different kinds of titanium wire logos. The state of the titanium wire can also be seen in his classification, such as annealing, hot processing, cold processing and so on a variety of different conditions. The appearance of titanium wire is acid-washed appearance and bright appearance. So what does titanium wire do? Titanium wires have had a negligible effect in the military, medical, earrings, eyeglasses, and other professions.

Titanium wire65

Titanium wire is widely used in today's society, so if the surface of titanium wire contaminated with other things how to deal with it. The depth of the carburized layer is basically equal to that of the nitriding layer under the same conditions. In the condition of oxygen enrichment, it is necessary to consider the effect of oxygen adsorption on the depth of hardening. As long as in the very thin layer thick condition, in the vacuum or in the atmosphere of argon-methane carburizing carbon powder can constitute a satisfactory adhesion strength compared with this, the choice of the gas carburizing agent can form extra hard and excellent adhesion of titanium carbide hardened layer. The choice of propane additives and the use of methane carburizing when it constitutes a lower surface hardness. When the bonding force reaches OkPa, propane with gas carburizing is selected. Although the thickness of the hardening layer measured is very thin, it has the best wear resistance function. Hydrogen is absorbed by using gas type carburized, but it has to be removed by vacuum annealing.

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