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How Much Do You Know About Chinese Titanium Valley?
May 14, 2018

When you hold the iPhone 6 in your hand, you may not think that the 44 screws inside are made of titanium material produced by Chinese titanium valley Baoji!

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Baoji High-tech Zone has a number of titanium processing companies involved in the manufacture of titanium screws and has become a supplier of materials for Apple's mobile phones.

As the country’s first demonstration base for new materials industry, Baoji Hi-tech Zone has gathered more than 400 companies engaged in the production and processing of titanium and titanium alloys. The titanium output accounts for approximately 85% of the national output, accounting for approximately the world’s total titanium production. 22%, of which titanium exports accounted for 15% of the world, very early to enjoy the "Chinese titanium valley" reputation.

Casting the core position of the titanium industry in international and domestic pricing power

In December 2014, Titanium Non-Ferrous Metal Trading Center, an important part of the construction of “Chinese Titanium Valley,” opened in Mingji, Baoji High-tech Zone, and introduced three trading varieties of pure titanium ingots, titanium alloy ingots, and sponge titanium for the first time. Achieved a transaction volume of 3.7752 million yuan and a total volume of 66060 kg.

After the opening of the Titanium Valley Nonferrous Metals Trading Center, the trading of titanium and non-ferrous metals in Baoji City embarked on the road of intensive, informatization, and specialization. The trading center focuses on the shortcomings of production and technology service industries such as titanium and non-ferrous metals trading, settlement, information, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics, and supply chain financing. It marks that Baoji High-tech Zone has shifted the focus of its industrial upgrading from manufacturing to service transactions, and it has advanced into the pricing bargaining service chain to help companies quickly advance to the high end of the industry chain.

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In order to give full play to the unique advantages of the regional titanium industry and build the "Chinese Titanium Valley" into a famous brand at home and abroad, Baoji has successively compiled the "Baoji National New Material High-tech Industrial Base Construction Development Plan" and "Baoji China Titanium Valley Development Plan". , Build high-tech industries and service platform projects such as China Titanium Trading Center, National Titanium Products Testing Center, Key Labs, Titanium University, etc., and open online transactions, logistics transactions and futures transactions to build the largest and most complete variety in the country International titanium market.

In response to the shortage of innovation sources such as Baoji Research Institute and universities, Baoji Hi-tech Zone established the Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute and actively promoted the “Titanium Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration formally approved the preparation and became the only one. The national-level third-party titanium product quality supervision and inspection agency actively promotes the construction of third-party testing platforms for the bases; promotes the establishment of relevant standards committees and builds beautiful titanium valleys and green titanium valleys.

In line with the guiding principles of planning, project promotion, chain extension, innovation, and optimization of the environment, the company will expand and strengthen the new material industry based on rare metals such as titanium and zirconium and its alloy materials, and strive to build a nation-class new material and high-tech industry. Base and production city integrated into China's titanium valley.

Titanium industry into a new business card inheritance

Titanium is already known to the world as a space metal, ocean metal, and strategic metal material. It is a must for a strong nation, and a great country.

Baoji’s two outstanding contributions to China’s metallurgy are “an ancient bronze ware and today a titanium alloy”. Today's titanium industry has been writing new business cards for Baoji as an “industrial heritage”.

According to statistics, in 2014, Baoji Titanium Industry Base expects to realize a sales revenue of RMB 33 billion from the titanium industry. Baoji Hi-tech Zone has become the leading titanium industry in China and abroad. It also develops and processes rare metals such astungsten, molybdenum, niobium and zirconium. Sales base. Formed a "titanium sponge titanium - titanium ingots - titanium forgings - titanium processing materials - titanium components and equipment," and other complete titanium processing industry chain. Formed a series of product clusters based on deep processing of titanium materials, mainly civilian products, aerospace, medical and titanium equipment.

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It is estimated that by 2020, Baoji Titanium Industry Cluster will realize an annual sales income of 100 billion yuan, forming an annual production scale of 2,000 tons of nuclear grade sponge titanium, 500 tons of nuclear grade finished zirconium and 500 tons of industrial zirconium. Baoji will truly become a world-renowned, domestic first-class high-tech industrial base for new materials. Baoji Hi-tech Zone will become the global industrial innovation network node for titanium materials and the largest scale and cluster production base in China. Baoji's “China Titanium Valley” brand will be known to the world.

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