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Chinese Titanium Printing Technology Over Europe And The United States: Has Been Able To Print A Full Titanium 3D 20
Sep 04, 2017

Chinese titanium printing technology over Europe and the United States: has been able to print a full titanium 3D 20

Of all the aerospace materials in the world, titanium alloy is a very tall material. This material has almost all the advantages of light weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, flexibility and good malleability. Of course, the performance is good, natural price is expensive, titanium, the natural content of this metal is not low, but its collection and smelting has always been a problem. This also directly leads to the high price of titanium alloy. The properties of titanium alloys are stronger than aluminum too much metal once available on high-end vehicles directly grab market, whether it is the test of weapons grade black technology is well known all the airliner has made extensive use of titanium alloy as raw material.

The extreme example in the United States in 60s, the last century by Rock West Martin, skunk works produced by the SR-71 blackbird reconnaissance aircraft is ultra high speed titanium alloy practical. This crazy plane in order to pursuit of extreme speed 3 Maher desperately using titanium alloy metal 97%, could not help but sigh caitaiqicu us. The more modern fighter planes are, the more titanium alloys are used. The F-4 phantom led by the two generation machine average titanium alloy parts accounted for 4%, this figure reached the likes of F-15 three generation machine turned to more than 10% (except the MIG -25, metamorphosis) to F-22 the four generation machine, in order to full body contact and high combat capability, the titanium alloy parts accounted for as high as 40% or even more.

Titanium alloys are widely used as a matter of fact, or are they Russians with strong industrial power?. Whether it is made of titanium alloy as the pressure hull, all kinds of titanium alloy combat submarine, or all kinds of KGB and FSB use "welding helmet", Arkin helmet, are the use of titanium alloy as the main material. Even during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the 6B-1 series of bullet proof vests were made of 12 pieces of titanium alloy armor.

In 70s of last century, China made the development and utilization of domestic titanium alloy weapons through the efforts of all parties and technical support from western countries. China's earliest use of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy as the main weapon, is the use of airborne forces 80 type 100mm mortars. The conventional mortar of the same caliber has already exceeded 75 kilograms, while the 80 type mortar has only 52 kg of battle weight, and after the decomposition, three people can carry it.

In recent years, with the breakthrough of 3D technology, China has made rapid progress in the field of 3D printing technology, especially in the metal powder laser forming technology, China is in the forefront of the world. In 2013, China successfully broke through the laser forming technology of large and complex components of aircraft titanium alloy, that is, 3D printing of titanium alloy parts. This technology was successfully industrialized in 2015 and completed more than 15 square meters of planarization 3D printing. This level of printing of complex parts has been successfully applied to the manufacture of large aircraft components such as the -20, the -31, and the destroyer. At the same time, only the United States has the same print technology worldwide, and is not as good as China in size.

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