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Chinese Superconducting Wire Manufacturing Technology Breaks Foreign Monopoly
Jun 06, 2018

On May 31st, Xi’an TV station reported on the topic “High-performance superconducting wire for superconducting magnetic resonance imaging instrument” of Shaanxi Province Science and Technology First Prize won by our institute recently. This topic was completed by the project team of Zhang Pingxiang, our hospital's dean. The research technology has filled the domestic gap and reached the international leading level, breaking the monopoly of developed countries in this field.

Superconducting magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most important means of modern medical imaging diagnosis. However, the manufacturing technology of high dimensional accuracy and high stability of superconducting wire has long been monopolized by developed countries, which seriously restricts the popularization and industrialization of our country. After more than ten years of hard work, our institute broke through the core technology of superconducting wire rod for superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance imaging instrument, solved the problems of high-uniform alloy melting, conductor structure design, wire processing of high dimensional accuracy, and developed the first domestic wire rod. The superconducting wire used in nuclear magnetic resonance imager with complete independent intellectual property rights.

On this basis, the Western Superconductor of our hospital further carried out technical research and realized the mass production of yttrium-titanium-titanium superconducting wire materials for superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance imaging instruments, and built China's first nuclear magnetic resonance imager with an annual production capacity of 400 tons. Superconducting wire production line, related products have been supplied to the world's major medical imaging equipment suppliers such as GE, Siemens Germany, and applied to the research and development of domestic superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance imager systems such as Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ningbo Jianxin.

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