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Chinese Hanking Indonesia Nickel Project To Restore Production And Sales
Nov 09, 2017


Chinese Hanking Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as Chinese Hanking) announced that the Indonesia nickel project to restore production and sales.

Indonesia has the world'snickel laterite resources optimal quality, China Hanking has a nickel laterite project in Indonesia County in Sulawesi province (southeast Beike Neville "project"), a prospective expansion nickel project layout in 2013. The deposit belongs to the world's super large ore resources, containing resources in line with the JORC standard 3.5 tons of nickel metal amounted to 4 million 800 thousand tons, the average grade is 1.37%, higher than the global average grade nickel level (1.28%), fully reflects the richness and quality of the company's nickel ore resources, has been in the forefront of the world.

China Hanking nickel project started mining production and sales of the laterite nickel ore in 2013 January 2014, the Indonesian government issued a ban on ore exports ("warrant" provisions, including the minister) nickel export mineral refining products, nickel project began 3 years of production and maintenance. With the implementation of the ministerial order, a number of Companies in Indonesia nickel ore smelting and processing plant construction investment products in the local nickel, nickel ore smelting capacity of Indonesia is increased year by year, greatly stimulated the local demand for nickel ore, nickel project for the recovery Chinese Hanking production laid the foundation for the market good.

In the first half of 2017, the gap of global refined nickel has reached 50000 tons, and nickel price has been supported. Chinese Hanking Chengshichengshi, on 2017 to restart nickel project, completed in the first half of the production preparation and renewal of mining mining license, August start mining production, has produced high-grade nickel laterite nickel is about 170 thousand tons, the average grade of 2.1%, and from October 17th onwards transported in batches Indonesia South Sulawesi province Moro Wali Hill Industrial Park sales. The year will contribute to the company profits. The item company has wide green nickel nickel and stainless steel company (China Castle), Sulawesi mining investment company has confirmed the relationship between supply and demand of nickel ore.

Project restart, the production and sale of nickel project value has milepost sense, contains a huge potential for growth, become a new source of profit growth Chinese hanking. As a comprehensive company with 20 years of operating history of the international mining industry group company, Chinese Hanking excavations and operation iron and nickel concentrate, gold and other metals such as cobalt and other strategic mineral resources, and strive to achieve its maximum value. In the future, continue to China Hanking core development strategy firm with low cost, multi mineral, internationalization, advance steadily to achieve sustainable development, further enhance the status of the industry.

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