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China Tungsten Industry Chain Key Development Layout
May 14, 2018

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• Develop high-performance quasi-nanometer/ultra-fine/ultra-crude/special coarse crystal, ultra-fine Ti(C,N)-based, new-structured cemented carbide materials, and expand coated cemented carbide CNC cutting tools, high wear resistance and high toughness Alloy mining tools, dies, top hammers, rolls, wear parts and other downstream high-end manufacturing industries.

High-density alloy material industry chain

• Develop high-specification alloy materials to expand downstream aviation aerospace, military and high-temperature products.

Tungsten Material Industry Chain

• Develop new tungsten alloy and tungsten rolled products, focus on the development of special steel tungsten-iron materials, and expand downstream specialty steel tool manufacturing and electronic device heater manufacturing industries.

Tungsten Chemical Industry Chain

• Develop tungsten fine chemical products such as heteropolytungstic acid and tungsten hexafluoride, and expand downstream industries such as petroleum catalysis and semiconductor coating.

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