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China Titanium Valley Shaanxi Baoji Innovation Support System
Mar 10, 2017

The world's first titanium alloy skeleton gyroplanes "Eurasian R & D Figure 1 BaoTi group holdings to Europe and Asia, the maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour, endurance 600 km.

Figure in the titanium and life theme exhibition experience with titanium material glasses.

Practical automobile parts of titanium material.

Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, known as "China Titanium Valley" reputation. Recently held in Baoji in 2016 "life of titanium and titanium Valley Forum", more than 2 thousand and 350 pieces of titanium products so many participants greatly. In recent years, Baoji titanium industry to strengthen collaborative innovation, industrial chain, titanium titanium around the innovation chain to create the market service chain, solid technical foundation and industrial structure upgrade; end to end innovation forced, to promote the "titanium consumption", "titanium lead life", become "Baoji Chinese titanium Valley New Development target.

Jointly organized by the Baoji city of Shaanxi province and China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association [0.00%] branch in 2016 "titanium zirconium titanium and titanium Valley Life Forum kicked off the day before, from home and around the world hundreds of technical experts and industry insiders gathered together to discuss the future development of titanium industry.

Different with previous similar activities, so that ordinary consumers have quite strange and distant "titanium" materials this year popular 3300, the first appearance of titanium and titanium alloy, rotorcraft UAV, powered parachute, motorcycle, medical materials, 3D printing titanium titanium jewelry more than 2 thousand and 350 titanium products to many participants greatly. Also let the domestic titanium industry practitioners eye-opening -- new materials to create new space, new materials for new horizons.

Collaborative Innovation: layout of the whole industry chain

Titanium, widely used in aviation, aerospace, marine, chemical, medical, sports and other fields, known as the "space" metal "marine metal" and "wisdom metal", is one of the important strategic metals in twenty-first Century, the new materials industry is the national key support.

Known as "Chinese titanium Valley" reputation of Baoji city in Shaanxi Province, in fact there is no titanium resources, but here has gathered the domestic titanium and titanium alloy industry research, production, processing, trade and circulation enterprises more than and 500, the annual output of more than 30 thousand tons of titanium, accounting for about 85% of the total output of domestic titanium industry, the world's total output of titanium material 22%. 2015, Baoji titanium industry output value of 35 billion yuan, the industry ranks first in the country, the world's top fourth. China's first hydrogen bomb, detonated the first nuclear submarine launched the first satellite, soft landing successfully returned, the first successful launch of the Shenzhou series of spacecraft and the moon engineering major science and technology projects are flashed "Baoji titanium" figure.

In recent years, as the first batch of high-tech and new materials industry demonstration base, Baoji national high tech Zone relying on BaoTi group and other leading enterprises, constantly stretched "titanium sponge titanium ingot - titanium - titanium alloy titanium composite material of titanium products deep processing industry chain, to promote the rapid development of industrial clusters, the formation of a" an industrial park, a park, a large number of industries, the industrial chain, the development pattern of a large cluster, a small cluster ".

Standing in the perspective of the whole industry chain Baoji titanium industry, industry experts, more than 30 years of rapid development of a solid titanium processing and manufacturing base and industrial structure. As the industry leader, BaoTi group not only has the national enterprise technology center by the Ministry of science and technology, also named the international science and technology cooperation base, over the years accumulated in China aviation, cutting-edge technology undertook 8000 trial a number of new materials, production tasks, and achieved a number of major scientific and technological achievements 600.

However, from the regional industry overview, Baoji titanium industry still faces two short board: around the titanium industry transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain of production, scientific research and service industries; has failed to complete the titanium material manufacturing industry to the terminal products of innovation across from the titanium industry in the end. "The traditional form of industry qunxun not before, actually reflects the structural short board. Therefore, the development of titanium industry in Baoji is also a microcosm of the overall domestic material industry." Industry experts such evaluation.

In this forum, Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Baoji branch announced the establishment. This action is interpreted as the industry "another key Lazi Baoji titanium industry collaborative innovation". In recent years, the people of Baoji will be the first industrial innovation focus on the optimization of supply side reform, innovation, around more than and 400 small and medium-sized enterprise to reduce the demand for titanium, Baoji city under the great efforts to introduce innovative resources optimization, build a shared platform for innovation, Baoji currently has 40 national and provincial technical center, academician and postdoctoral workstation 12. In the Titanium Industry Research Institute, low carbon titanium standard hormone research institute, titanium industry innovation alliance to support the backbone of the industrial innovation system innovation system in Shaanxi and high-end equipment [-0.64%] high technology venture investment fund, Shaanxi new material high tech venture investment fund as the leading core, into a powerful "for Baoji titanium industry upgrade".

In addition, according to the Baoji China titanium Valley strategic positioning, Baoji city around the titanium industry chain, titanium innovation chain to create the market service chain, has set up by the titanium industry public service platform operation multi market participation in the titanium industry high technology park, the national titanium industry patent navigation test area, Shaanxi titanium and rare technology innovation alliance the metal materials industry, national titanium products quality supervision and inspection center, Baoji high tech Zone Technology titanium product testing center and titanium Valley non-ferrous metals trading center and a series of professional and market-oriented. 

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