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China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Held A Seminar On Large Titanium Alloy Equipment, Materials And Construction Technology
Jun 01, 2017

In May 11th, China Shipbuilding Corporation held a seminar on large titanium equipment materials and construction technology in Luoyang. Du Gang, deputy general manager of the group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Du Gang pointed out that the large titanium alloy material is very important for equipment development, the complexity of application environment and construction difficulty are much higher than the existing equipment of titanium alloy, but also very technically challenging to concentrate superior forces, the formation of the national team, to ensure safe and reliable. He asked for the division of labor to be clear, technical responsibility should be clear, under the unified leadership of the group company, and close cooperation, division of labor, coordination and combat. We should introduce competition mechanism, strengthen international cooperation, make good use of intelligent manufacturing and digital manufacturing technology, and continue to achieve new breakthroughs in large titanium alloy equipment, materials and construction technology.

At the meeting, seven, two, 725, the Shipyard Group conducted a detailed technical analysis, points out the difficulties and key technology of large titanium alloy construction equipment, and based on the technical advantages of each unit and puts forward some methods and solutions. The units also introduced their preliminary work, the next work plan and the time node. The participants have fully discussed and discussed the key technical points and difficulties.

Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Yousheng, the relevant departments of the group leaders and members of the relevant units and more than 50 experts attended the meeting. The head of the units said, resolutely abide by the unified deployment of the group company, improve ideological understanding, optimize the allocation of resources, and vigorously cooperate, and actively cooperate to ensure the smooth development of large-scale titanium alloy equipment development. (source: China Nonferrous Metals network)

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