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China's Titanium Dioxide Application Testing Level Of International Advanced, The Industry's First CNAS Certification Laboratory Was Born
Nov 07, 2017

China's titanium dioxide application testing level of international advanced, the industry's first CNAS certification laboratory was born

In October 23rd, the Jiangsu China Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. Zhenjiang Fanhua Test Technology Co Ltd obtained by China awarded qualified assessment of National Accreditation Board for CNAS international mutual recognition "laboratory accreditation certificate" (Registration No. CNAS L10365), so far, the titanium dioxide industry in China has the first through the CNAS certification and join the international recognition of the application of titanium dioxide detection third laboratory. This has broken the international monopoly of titanium dioxide application testing, showing that Chinese enterprises have reached the international advanced level in this field.

"This means that China's titanium dioxide into the international market has won the right to speak of product quality testing, can help domestic enterprises to enhance the quality of titanium dioxide into high-end application market." Deputy Secretary General of the national titanium dioxide technology innovation strategic alliance, national titanium dioxide industry expert group leader, expert committee director Qiu Jianting said.

According to China Chemical chairman Ni Xiaoguang introduced, the application of titanium dioxide detection is a kind of professional technology, is of great significance to the product development and application of technical services, but the field has been facing the international monopoly giants on the application of detection technology has taken security measures blockade. This breakthrough will be achieved to detect pan, to enhance the level of performance and application of titanium dioxide Chinese products for enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of research and development, as well as more professional sales and use of titanium dioxide products to provide services of high level application of detection technology. According to reports, the pan detection parameters of 20 project approval, involving 48 testing standards, leading to other internal laboratory industry.

Qiu Jianting believes that at present, the vast majority of domestic titanium dioxide products in the quality level and stability and the developed countries, there is a big gap between the reasons is that the level of testing is not enough. Quality inspection only on the physicochemical properties of conventional products were detected, the titanium dioxide pigment key performance in downstream applications the effective coverage, lead to the uneven quality of domestic titanium dioxide in the application of downstream paint or plastic field, vicious competition in the low-end market. Pan-China detection obtained CMA certification and CNAS certification, is the detection of titanium dioxide in the downstream application key properties of pigment, which can effectively detect the true quality of different batches of titanium dioxide, process improvement and product quality for the titanium dioxide production line to enhance the stability and provide effective basis for.

China is dedicated to the detection of the titanium dioxide industry service platform to build long-term application of chemical detection pan, pan detection CMA qualification in January 2016, titanium dioxide has been certified by CMA detection parameter 83, detected by standard 140, is the leading domestic titanium dioxide powder should be detected by the third party. Relying on the platform, China chemical made two patents in the field of product and technology R & D, submitted 10 patent applications, with the Shandong Dongjia group of joint production of patented products near infrared reflectance titanium dioxide IR-1000, and Yunnan Zechang titanium joint production of high-end plastic grade titanium dioxide DR-2588 with excellent performance from both at home and abroad approved, currently the company is committed to research and development of waterborne coatings of titanium dioxide.

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