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China's Titanium Casting Technology Reached The Highest International Level For A Military Aircraft
Mar 29, 2017

"Ability to speak, speak little and do more" is a code of conduct for Xing xing. He led the AVIC Anji people "strong confidence, poly popularity, go to the market, to improve the ability of grasping model, and improve the quality of", from 2005 to 2013 in the past 10 years, through the hard skills, the development of a three line of bankrupt enterprises difficult to become the domestic precision casting industry technology new, the assets of the company from 80 million yuan 10 years ago, rose to 800 million yuan in 2013, an increase of 10 times; the military value of 20 million yuan from 10 years ago to 2013 growth of 200 million yuan. Anji to achieve a gorgeous turn.

Xing Xing is not only an entrepreneur, but also a professional leader in casting, he served as deputy director of the China Foundry Association, casting branch, was employed as a graduate student of Tsinghua University School of materials. When the key equipment casing of a certain engine by the blockade of foreign technology, ran Xing signed a "military order", the key equipment to assist manufacturers developed the required and achieved success. In some key parts in the development of precision casting encounter difficulties, breakthrough in the industry ran Xing the size limit of monomer structure, from the first use of the whole mold manufacturing mold, has tackled the problem of high-end Aviation Precision casting large, thin-walled, complex, easy to solve welding deformation, dimensional precision is difficult to control the process, fill the blank of domestic technology, China has become the United States, Russia, Britain after fourth to master the technology for the developing countries, technology has laid a solid foundation for catch up, a large casting cast overall fine accumulated reserves.

A large casting project, is the largest and most complex structure of the titanium alloy special-shaped surface casting, on behalf of the world's titanium alloy castings casting the highest level. This product is the military called bird cage is a frame type asymmetric structure, the complexity of the process requirements are very high, the wall thickness of the product to achieve the thickest between 30~40 mm, the thinnest at 2.5 mm. To this end, the collection of Chi Chi Chi Zhi, layers of checks, the use of rapid prototyping system, the host plant in front of the node required for the successful delivery of products, to ensure the development of the host plant. The flight test of the model is successful, which fills the blank of the domestic large-scale titanium alloy special-shaped surface structure complex casting field. At the same time, ran Xing actively promote the large complex tilted plate turbine rear casing in high temperature alloy casting technology project, completed the numerical simulation of integral precision casting process computer, process and final casting parameters were determined, the technology level of the project technology and domestic aviation engine parts manufacturing development.

3D printing technology for the repair of parts is also unique. Aerospace parts complex structure, high cost, once the defect or defect, only the overall replacement, may cause hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars in losses. And through the 3D printing technology, the same material can be used to repair the defective parts into a complete shape, the performance of the repair is not affected, greatly saving time and money.

Huang Weidong said, 3D printing technology in life from the very near, just print three-dimensional picture, has been used in medicine, such as artificial joint implants used by model matching, through 3D printing technology, you can make the most suitable for titanium alloy joints of patients.


To participate in research team in Chinese fly, XAC, AVIC aircraft Shanghai aircraft design and Research Institute, June 26, 2013, C919 wing body comprehensive validation project of the central wing panel riveting opening ceremony was held as scheduled; September to October, the central wing, fuselage, outer wing box assembly have been opened in November 25th, the wing body riveting; a combination of comprehensive validation project "in the body, the outer wing box section" smooth assembly off the assembly line, marking the C919 aircraft development has achieved a major victory of node. As of now, XAC has a large passenger wing body comprehensive validation project forward fuselage, the fuselage, the rear fuselage docking assembly, assembly outer wing box and fuselage docking and landing gear installation major segment assembly tasks, and smoothly delivered.

Wing body comprehensive validation project is the C919 large aircraft project first developed in the core parts of the manufacturing and assembly projects, timely delivery of the project to pull the entire project development schedule, manufacturing breakthrough technical barriers, a positive role to accelerate the comprehensive start the relevant test programplays. At the same time, by virtue of the laser titanium alloy forming technology, China has been at the forefront of the world advanced level for the first time in the field of aviation materials science, and laid a solid foundation for the development of China's aviation industry.

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