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China's Metal Target Manufacturing Technology Is Advancing By Leaps And Bounds
Oct 31, 2018

Because the technology required for the target is very high, the manufacturing difficulty is also very large. In the past, the target has always been a heart disease in the Chinese manufacturing industry. The US and Japanese companies have mastered and monopolized this technology and will not pass it on. Before 2005, China was still a blank in the field of metal target manufacturing. This virgin land was not developed until 2005. In the following years, China made another breakthrough before it was able to produce Chinese targets.

A super-high-purity titanium target consists of two parts, the upper part of the gray is high-purity titanium crystal, and the lower part of the tray is a super-strong aluminum alloy. The combination of the two is similar in shape to a "metal pie." The target is an indispensable core material for the chip. In the manufacture of the chip, different targets interweave and interact to collide with a layer of metal atoms to cover the surface of the chip. After that, special technical means are needed to cut and recombine these tiny metal atoms, making them nano-scale metal wires and providing information transmission for the chip. It can be said that the target provides a channel for information transmission of the chip, and there is no chip without the target.

Under the continuous efforts of Chinese science and technology personnel and Chinese entrepreneurs, China's target manufacturing has made brilliant achievements. Faced with the technological monopoly of the United States and Japan, China’s young talents are tackling the difficulties, constantly experimenting, bravely exploring, and independently mastering the technology of target research and development. At present, China has not fallen behind any country in the field of chip target manufacturing. There are only a handful of countries in the world that can independently develop targets, and China is one of them. To overcome this technical problem, it is the Chinese researchers who are only 29 years old on average. This makes the world's top R & D team admire.

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