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China Pangang Producted A Mass Of Super Soft Sponge Titanium
Mar 24, 2018

 From manufacture to batch production, sponge titanium pangang group subsidiary company after six years of hard technology , March 19, to deliver the first super soft titanium sponge order contract, start mass production according to the order of a batch of super soft sponge titanium.It has broken the passive situation that China's super soft sponge titanium has long depended on import, foreign monopoly and restriction.These super soft sponge titanium will be used in China's aircraft carrier, space station, large aircraft and 3D silk material printing, human medical use heart support, human skeleton and other fields.


  With the science and technology innovation of sponge titanium Pangang group branch, national standard level at low cost titanium sponge, super soft sponge titanium, research and development of small particle size titanium sponge production as the breakthrough point, the company's sponge titanium product has occupied a quarter of the domestic market share, become the nation's largest titanium sponge production enterprises and civil-military integration innovation.


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