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China Has Entered The Era Of High Quality Full Titanium Alloy Drill Pipe Production
Sep 22, 2017

China has entered the era of high quality full titanium alloy drill pipe production

Bohai nenk pipe is the first domestic company to produce top, import substitution "production of high-quality high strength pipe enterprises, BHNK brand new drill its R & D and production, is the longest horizontal wells, Asia's first deep exploration and pipeline across the world record to make a special contribution.

This model for BHTG105 titanium alloy pipe, joint and pipe material for titanium alloy, creatively change the current foreign titanium alloy drill pipe adopts conventional steel pipe joints and titanium alloy drill pipe is integrally connected with drill practice with cold assembly mode, connected by advanced friction welding, breakthrough the tube body problem of heat treatment and pipe joint friction welding technology of titanium alloy end upsetting, thickened tube. In air environment, fatigue life is 10 times of steel drill pipe, and fatigue life is 100 times of steel drill pipe in corrosive environment.

The world's first all type of friction welding of titanium alloy rod can overcome the drill pipe company successfully rolled out in Bohai by the Bohai test equipment, technical performance and quality indexes meet the design requirements, marking the China entered the era of high-quality titanium alloy drill pipe production.

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