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Changhe Aircraft Industry Company Helicopter With Titanium Alloy Parts Processing Project Through The Provincial Inspection
Jun 02, 2017

According to Chinese Aviation News reported on March 9, 2017, the Jiangxi province science and technology department related expert group to AVIC Changhe aircraft industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chang Fei"), the Chang Fei bear in Jiangxi province science and technology support program project "helicopter titanium alloy hub part key transition surface long-life finishing study on the processing technology of" acceptance review.

The acceptance project team listened to the financial reports, acceptance reports, work reports and technical reports of the financial science and technology expenditure project, and reviewed the relevant materials. 

After inquiry and discussion, the experts agreed that: the project achieved the research objectives and technical indicators task requirements, rational use of project funds, project acceptance data integrity, standard and effective, granted by.  It is reported that the project by titanium alloy without damage and polishing process parameters on surface quality and fatigue life law research, breakthroughs in key technologies for parts for swinging polishing, polishing process automatic abrasive supply using CNC equipment, get the curve of effects of different polishing parameters and process conditions on surface quality, avoid polishing droplet phenomenon, the titanium alloy quality and service life of the parts hub has been significantly improved. The (source: Chinese Airlines)

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