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Cao Chunxiao: Titanium Alloy Will Usher In Broad Prospects In The Aviation Industry
Sep 30, 2017

       Cao Chunxiao: titanium alloy will usher in broad prospects in the aviation industry

2017-9-19 northwest non ferrous Metal Research Institute

Sponsored by the China Federation of enterprises and the China Entrepreneur Association, the "2017 China top 500 enterprises Summit Forum" was held on September 9th ~10 in Jiangxi, Nanchang province. Chinese Academy of Sciences Cao Chunxiao attended and delivered a speech.

In January last year, the State Council formally approved the establishment of China aviation engine group, which was formally established in August. The National Aviation Science and technology major of aero-engine and gas turbine has also been officially launched this year. The aviation engine is the crystallization of high technology.

 It is very difficult. It is also the concentrated expression of the comprehensive national strength of our country and an important symbol of an innovative country.

"Generation of material technology, generation aviation equipment", it is the true portraiture of development history of world aviation." Cao Chunxiao said, and the titanium alloy is an important member of the large family of aviation materials, and the engine plays an important role in aviation equipment.

 Titanium in the last century, the advent of 50s, greatly promoted the development of aero-engine aero engine needs strong promoted the development of titanium, between the two is the dialectical relations, interdependence, mutual promotion and the achievements of the marriage between titanium and aero engine.

Process innovation is a very effective way to promote the development and application of titanium alloys. 

With the emergence of composite materials, not only are they used in large quantities on airplanes, but also the engines are involved. For example, the engines above 787 and 747 use composite materials instead of titanium alloys. It turned out that the inherent status of titanium alloys may be gradually replaced by composite materials. But the composite is not to say that all composite materials, Cao Chunxiao said, because after all the composite material loaded on the plane to fall apart, so the front or side with titanium, titanium alloy wrapped, but overall composite materials accounted for a large part of the weight.

U. S. NASA predicts that the use of titanium aluminum compounds in aviation could reach 20% by 2020. However, great progress has been made in the study of titanium aluminum metal bond compounds in China. The titanium alloy low pressure turbine blade precision castings have been developed by the Institute of metal science of the Chinese Academy of sciences. 

"Looking to the future, the titanium alloy will not be accepted by the dark horse and will continue to expand its sphere of influence." Cao Chunxiao said, titanium aluminum alloy will usher in a very broad prospects. (coloured newspaper)

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