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British Men's Head Fell Flat With Titanium Plate To Reshape The Skull To Restore The Appearance Of The Skull
May 09, 2016

International Online Zhuangao: according to the British "Daily Mail" April 27 reported, a 32 year old man in England December 2012 in Koh Samui, Thailand travel, accidentally from the balcony fall, lost nearly half of the skull. A few days ago, with the help of titanium plate, the man finally restored the former looks, he wants to find a beautiful wife.

A man named Lee Charlie (Lee Charie), from hertfordshire. According to reports, Charlie fell off the balcony about 6.7 meters from the ground. 

At that time, Charlie's head was severely damaged, a full coma for two days, there is no sign of life. After the successful rescue of Charlie, in order to make his head to recover, the doctor had to take the part of the skull Charlie. From then on, Charlie looked like a head was "fell flat" the general. However, 16 months later, he was finally able to install the titanium on the skull. Now, from the outside, it can not be clearly seen that he had been injured. Escape after Charlie said, now his desire is to marry a beautiful wife, once again in the lottery.

It is reported that titanium is generally used in the body of the space shuttle or aircraft. To this end, Charlie ushered in his new nickname space shuttle head". According to reports, the use of titanium skull Charlie skull cost of about 900 pounds (about 9451 yuan), the need to spend a few days time. (Lin Xi)

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