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BaoTi - Launched The "private Custom" Titanium Lamp Flashlight
Dec 07, 2015

BaoTi metal products Co., Ltd is a professional design and manufacturing team, tries their best to build the titanium era home fashion creative new products, so that consumers enjoy the simplicity, luxury, fashion home life.

Titanium table lamp uses high quality titanium material, fine craft lamp base, do not rust, does not deform, demonstrates the high quality of the high end titanium lamp. Titanium table lamp, so that we are not alone in the night.

It is reported that titanium lamp support for private custom, according to individual requirements of a unique titanium lamp.

Baoji Titanium flashlight available

recently, BaoTi metal products company with very textured titanium, produced exquisite flashlight shell.

The configuration of titanium flashlight can not be ignored, the use of imported LED lights, ergonomic design, multi file light source adjustment, there are SOS for help signal lights, if the emergency emergency in the outdoor, seemingly normal use not on the SOS for help, with a possible will save your life.

The use of titanium flashlight widely, the clips can make the flashlight and the bicycle together. Car clip can achieve 360 degrees of freedom to adjust angle, give you a better night riding experience.

Spring with your bike and titanium flashlights together to experience the spring

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