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Baoji To High-end Titanium Alloy Products Manufacturing Base
Feb 17, 2017

For casting, the process is complex, difficult to process, so the use of 3D printing technology to achieve a molding is preferred. Our titanium alloy electron beam 3D printing integration and complex frame components, has been put into use, is a breakthrough in the field of aerospace 3D printing titanium alloy parts. Because of its high strength, strong corrosion resistance and good biocompatibility, titanium alloys are widely used in the fields of aerospace equipment manufacturing, environmental protection, chemical engineering, marine engineering, biological medicine and so on. In terms of 3D printing, the company has mastered the core technology of spherical micro powder manufacturing and 3D high precision printing forming, and is expected to develop and provide customized products for aerospace applications.

Aerospace needs to promote the process of lightweight, high-end titanium alloy products favored by its own superiority. Do a good job in the aerospace products at the same time, it is reported that the marine engineering will be involved in the next year, through the hot pressing technology of heat exchanger for CNOOC manufacturing micro channel; bio medical data, through the bone or teeth were measured data medical patients need to be replaced, with titanium alloy as raw materials required for joints and teeth 3D printing technology "India"; in the field of sports equipment will also have greater breakthrough. Our company is a special technique of aerospace titanium alloy project achievements in industry, based on the new technology of titanium alloy, casting, plastic forming technology integration, machine integration, achieve the integration by parts delivery, high technology products, high efficiency, high reliability and low cost increase the competitiveness of enterprises." Xiao Bo introduced in 2015, the company launched a number of industrial products, the main products are a box body and a support bracket and a shell, inside and outside the shell casting parts and 3D printed titanium frame, wherein the large size thin wall high temperature titanium alloy frame, the surface of parts manufacturing diversion into the largest size thin-walled titanium alloy castings.

Baoji will build high-quality titanium ingot manufacturing center, high-quality titanium alloy pipe profiles manufacturing center, titanium alloy manufacturing technology key laboratory, becoming the largest titanium alloy industrial park in Northwest china. In the industrial park, the reporter saw, here the introduction of the country's largest electron beam melting rapid prototyping system, the country's largest thermal isostatic press and many other national equipment. The obvious advantage of the country's largest electron beam melting rapid prototyping system is capable of each layer in the product processing process for parts of cyclic heat treatment, thermal stress release parts so as to ensure the stability of product shape. In the case of complex thin wall products, the traditional processing methods can only be manufactured by a single mechanical processing, and there are some limitations such as long processing time and large material consumption. The company produced by electron beam melting rapid prototyping system 3D print blank, then a small piece of rough machining, successfully manufactured products, the manufacturing cycle shortened from six months to 3 months, more important is the product of strength and plasticity index is far more than the national standard, in the product test do a successful development.

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