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Baoji Titanium And New Materials Industry Will Have A Leap Forward Development
May 05, 2017

2017 Baoji China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as: titanium Expo) will be held at the Baoji Convention and Exhibition Center from April 24th to 27.

As the largest, highest quality titanium industry exhibition, the exhibition covers military equipment, aerospace, marine, petroleum industry, medical equipment, automobile manufacturing, daily necessities such as a titanium material application, combined with the forum and project consistent about business promotion activities, build a platform for international exchanges and cooperation, promote titanium the rapid development of industrial clusters.

Phoenix Shaanxi channel interview with Baoji mayor Hui Jincai

Titanium Expo from the perspective of multi dimensional perspective, focus on titanium products, titanium industry chain extension. Titanium Expo invited domestic and foreign enterprises display of new products, new technologies, new formats, in the trend of future development of titanium products in the market, let the whole titanium industry has a larger development space. The day before, Baoji mayor Hui Jincai said that the future in an interview with the Shaanxi channel, development of Baoji titanium and new industry will usher in development by leaps and bounds.

Phoenix Shaanxi channel: titanium Expo on the titanium industry in Baoji and even the development of industrial economy in Baoji what is the guiding role?

Hui Jincai: "Chinese manufacturing 2025" material is the key to the permanent site of Baoji as the titanium Expo, held every two years in titanium Expo, which is of great significance for Baoji.

The theme of this year's titanium Expo is: the new era of new materials and new applications, indicating the future direction of the development of titanium industry in Baoji. The titanium Expo will promote the development of titanium industry in Baoji in terms of information exchange, technical interaction and so on.

Baoji has the reputation of "China Titanium Valley" because of its prominent position in the development of titanium industry in Baoji. Currently, the city has a total of 530 titanium related enterprises, including civil enterprises accounted for more than 60% of the country, military accounted for more than 90%.

Titanium material is the representative of the high-end manufacturing industry in our country, the direction of the material, the country's aerospace, aviation and medical and other fields, are represented by titanium technology innovation. The titanium Expo will further enhance and promote the development of titanium industry in Baoji, which is of great significance for the promotion of "Shaanxi Zhi" and "Zhi Zhi".

Phoenix Shaanxi channel: Baoji in promoting the sustainable development of titanium industry, what are the plans?

Hui Jincai: how to promote the development of titanium and new materials in Baoji, Baoji has done the following work:

First, grasp planning. "13th Five-Year" period, Baoji is planning to do one hundred billion titanium and new materials industry, the formation of one hundred billion industry clusters. Currently, a total of 530 titanium industry enterprises in Baoji, of which more than 20 billion of the output value of a company, the output value of over 100 million enterprises in the country. Overall, the industrial base is relatively strong.

We will be in Baoji's five one hundred billion industries, to allow titanium and new materials industry in advance. Now we are in the two regional focus on promoting the development of titanium industry, a titanium industrial park built in the high-tech zone, the other one is ti Mei County Industrial park.

Next, Baoji will continue to do a good job of investment, so that more enterprises have the strength to enter Baoji, the formation of industrial clusters in Baoji, so that Baoji has become a veritable Chinese titanium valley".

The second aspect is grasping innovation. The future development of titanium and new industries should be based on innovation as the theme to promote the development, one is technological innovation, the other is product innovation, there is a service innovation.

In terms of technological innovation, on the one hand, Baoji mainly around the development of high-end titanium industry, focusing on high-end applications such as national aerospace applications. Baoji will further improve the technical content.  On the other hand, the main target is the human body implants, household appliances and other aspects, in navigation, chemical industry, these need corrosion resistance, high intensity applications to increase development. Overall, the development of titanium in Baoji go at both ends, one is the high-end, a civilian, and life is closely related to the development of low-end applications.

From the perspective of product innovation, titanium industry in Baoji has great advantages in the development of high-end materials in the country and the world are representative.

Baoji plans to introduce technology, the introduction of talent, the introduction of capital to attract the strength of enterprises settled in Baoji, in product development, marketing and other aspects, to further increase the advantages.  Around these, Baoji set up a national technology research and development center, the national product testing center, the national product marketing center, there are a number of provincial-level R & D center. At present, many enterprises have set up their own enterprise R & D center. A total of more than and 500 titanium enterprises in Baoji, which accounted for dozens of technical innovation enterprises.

Overall, in terms of technological innovation, Baoji made a clear direction and tasks in the future, Baoji or to promote innovation and the development of new materials industry.

The last level is to grasp the service, for the development of titanium industry, the Baoji municipal government to implement a comprehensive, multi link service. One is to create the environment, titanium industry as the pillar of the development of the industry in Baoji, Baoji in the titanium industry R & D and marketing of funds to do a lot of services. On the other hand, we will promote the development of titanium and new materials industry chain, the government built a platform to build a platform to provide services for the enterprise to settle down, business development and other aspects of the conditions.

Through the Baoji municipal government in the planning, innovation, service on the full scale of the future, Baoji's titanium and new

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