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"Baoji Played Forte - Chinese Titanium Valley" To Accelerate The Development Of Scanning
Dec 07, 2015

- titanium and titanium alloy industry is one of the city's nine industrial clusters, last year, the city of Baoji, China's cohesion breakthrough, the total output value of 330 yuan, to achieve a steady development of the target for the city to maintain more than 10% growth rate GDP.

- this year, the "Baoji - China Titanium Valley" once again sounded the horn to speed up the development of the national titanium industry patent navigation and development of the experimentation area, the development of titanium industry draw a

- "treasure map"; in the near future, start the construction of titanium products quality supervision and testing center, increase the titanium Valley in the industrial development of the leading power and the right to speak. Our city actively guide titanium enterprises to strengthen scientific research, develop the market, extend the industrial chain, boost the titanium industry bigger and better quality.

Draw a treasure map "- patent navigation"

- titanium industry has only 400 patents, accounting for only 9.9% of the country, less than its market share of 1/8, in which the local enterprises in Baoji only applied for more than 200 pieces of patent. "This means that the level of patent resources in Baoji titanium industry and its status in the industry do not match, the patent strength of titanium industry should be promoted urgently." Titanium and rare metal materials industry alliance deputy secretary general, Baoji high tech Zone, deputy director Wang Jingqing said that the titanium industry is a typical technology intensive industries, titanium industry in the development of the lack of support of the patent technology, is bound to affect the industrial development. And the city to build the national titanium industry patent navigation and development of experimentation area, is to crack this problem.

The main responsibility of the development of the patent navigation and development of titanium industry is to use patent information resources and patent analysis as the basis, and to guide and support industrial scientific development through the use of the patent application of the technology innovation, product innovation, organization innovation and business model innovation. If the titanium industry is a big treasure, then patent navigation is like a treasure map, it can tell "digging treasure" where there are traps, where there is a wealth.

- the titanium industry in our city is one of the first 8 patent navigation experimentation area. Since September 2013, the State Intellectual Property Office has been formally established, has the status quo of the titanium industry in our city, the development path, and so on for accurate positioning. The first phase of the results not only by the State Intellectual Property Office of the positive, but also to the development of titanium industry in our city has played an active role in guiding. Through the support of scientific and technological innovation, to build a platform for industry, research and other initiatives to guide enterprises to enter the high-end products, enhance core competitiveness, some new products, new technologies have unveiled. Baoji Eurasia company R & D and production of light weight, high strength and high temperature resistance of the rotor type aircraft titanium alloy frame, the formation of an annual output of 80 years in the formation of 5 titanium rotor blade production capacity, sales revenue 1.5 yuan. In addition, a number of small and medium titanium production of titanium alloy helmet, glass curtain wall titanium clip, titanium alloy heart pacemaker shell, new titanium alloy artificial joints and other products, not only alternative to similar imported products, but also exported to the international market.

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