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Baoji High Tech Zone To Build A New Chinese Titanium Valley
Apr 25, 2016

When you've got a iPhone6 mobile phone, you might think, 44 titanium screws which are made of titanium material production in Baoji. 

At present, Baoji high tech Zone has more than titanium processing enterprises to participate in the titanium screw manufacturing, has become Apple's mobile phone supplier. 

And as the first batch of national new material industry demonstration base, Baoji high tech Zone gathered more than 400 enterprises engaged in titanium and titanium alloy production, processing, research and development, production of titanium accounted for about 85% of national output, accounting for about 22% of the total output of global titanium, the titanium exports accounted for global 15%, very early to enjoy the reputation of "China Titanium valley.


The core of cast titanium industry in the domestic and international pricing power

December 2014, as the construction of "China Titanium Valley is the important component part of valley of titanium non-ferrous metals trading center in the Baoji high tech Zone Gong opening, and was first introduced pure titanium ingots, titanium ingots, titanium sponge three trading varieties, day realize trading volume 377.592 million yuan, clinch a deal amount 66060 kg.

According to the Shaanxi Province titanium and Rare Metal Materials Industry Association Deputy Secretary General of the Wang Jingqing, past Baoji Titanium and titanium alloy market transactions is backward, information channel resources are limited, the opacity of the pricing mechanism, operation cost and customer cost is too high, resulting in small and medium-sized enterprise mired in price competition, also makes the long-running low titanium material and product prices, industrial scale wandering before. According to statistics from related departments, with annual sales of less than 20 million yuan of small enterprises accounted for 78% of the enterprises in the Baoji area above, and titanium Valley non-ferrous metals trading center set up is to solve difficulties of the industrial chain, the end of the market the help enterprise technology and product really realize the value.

With the opening of the titanium Valley non-ferrous metals trading center, Baoji titanium and non-ferrous metals trading on the road to intensive, information, professional. Trading center focus on the completion of the titanium and non-ferrous metals trading, settlement, information, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and supply chain financing production, science and technology service industry short board. Mark the Baoji high tech Zone will focus on upgrading the industry from manufacturing to promote service transactions, advance pricing bargaining service chain, to help enterprises to quickly advance the high-end industrial chain.

Valley of the titanium non-ferrous metals trading center through intensive way, the establishment of market demand for products information, logistics window, to the effective integration of resources, avoid multiple logistics links, reduces the enterprise disorderly price competition and forge the titanium industry in the international and domestic pricing in the core.

Industrial alliance to guide the healthy development of titanium industry

In order to give full play to the titanium region characteristic industry advantage, create "China Titanium Valley to become well-known brands at home and abroad, Baoji has prepared the Baoji country high-tech industry base construction and development planning" and "Baoji - China Titanium valley development planning", industry of new and high technology and service platform construction of China titanium material trading center, national titanium product testing center, Key Laboratory, titanium Valley University and opened online trading, logistics trading and futures trading, the biggest, the species most of the international titanium material trading market is built. In accordance with the planning to lead, project driven, extension chain, strengthen innovation, optimize the environment of ideas, bigger and stronger in titanium, zirconium and other rare metals and alloys mainly new material industry, efforts to build the national first-class new material high tech industry base and production city China Titanium valley.

In addition, in order to enhance the titanium Valley in the industrial development of the leading power and the right to speak, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, innovation and development, according to the Baoji research institutes and universities such as the source of innovation, innovation ability of small and medium-sized enterprises is not strong, but an urgent demand for innovative products R & D status of middle product detection means is insufficient, the introduction of Baoji high tech Zone Baoji Taihua magnetic Mechatronic Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd., established Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute, and actively promote the "titanium products quality supervision and inspection center" by the national Ministry of industry, CNCA formally approved the establishment of a national third party, titanium products quality supervision and inspection agencies only, while actively promoting the construction of the test third party platform base; promote the relevant standards committee set up work, the construction of the beautiful valley, Green Valley titanium titanium.

Shaanxi Province, titanium and rare metal materials industry alliance as a bridge between government, enterprise and market and the link, to assist the government to guide the health of titanium and rare metal materials industry development. Industry Alliance in technical exchanges and personnel training, industry incubation and development fund investment financing advisory services, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and overseas titanium and rare metal materials industry organizations, units and provides many convenient conditions. Industrial alliance will also promote the enterprises, universities and research institutions of cooperation, enhance the independent innovation capability of titanium and rare metal industry and the overall level, promote the sustained and healthy development of titanium industry.

New business cards for the industrial heritage of titanium industry

Titanium is known as the world's space metals, marine metals and strategic metal materials, is a powerful country must, the inevitable.

Baoji's two outstanding contribution to China's metallurgy, "ancient bronze ware, today there are titanium alloy". Today, the titanium industry has been as a "industrial heritage" is writing a new business card in Baoji. According to statistics, 2014 Baoji Titanium Industry base is expected to titanium industry sales revenue of 3.3 billion yuan, the Baoji high tech Zone has become at home and abroad leading to titanium industry is given priority to, extension of tungsten and molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium and hafnium, dilute precious metals research and development, processing, sales base. The formation of sponge titanium titanium ingot - titanium forgings - titanium - titanium parts and equipment and complete titanium processing industry chain. In titanium, titanium alloy, titanium and titanium alloy powder, titanium equipment, formed the scale of zirconium and hafnium tantalum, niobium, etc. series of direction. Formed a deep processing of titanium as the main line, with civilian supplies, aerospace, medical and titanium equipment, such as a series of product cluster.

Expected in 2020, Baoji titanium industry cluster will achieve annual sales income of 100 billion yuan, an annual output of 2000 tons of nuclear grade sponge titanium, 500 tons of nuclear grade zirconium products and 500 tons of industrial zirconium production scale. Baoji will truly become the world's leading, domestic first-class new high-tech industrial base. Baoji high tech Zone will become the world's largest industrial innovation network node, the country's largest scale and cluster production base, Baoji's "China Titanium Valley" brand will be renowned in the world.

China Daily reporter Zhang Xin 2015.2.25

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