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Baoji High Tech Zone To Build A New Chinese Titanium Valley
Dec 07, 2015

When you take a iPhone6 in your hand, you may not think that the 44 screws in the Baoji production of titanium made of titanium. At present, Baoji high tech Zone has a number of titanium processing enterprises to participate in titanium screw manufacturing, has become a material supplier of Apple's mobile phone. And as the country's first new material industry demonstration base, Baoji hi tech Zone gathered more than 400 engaged in titanium and titanium alloy production, processing and development of enterprises, titanium production accounts for about 85% of the total output of the world, which accounts for 15% of the world's exports, which is very long enjoyed the reputation of China titanium valley. The core position of titanium industry in the international and domestic pricing power.

- titanium has been the world's well known space metal, metal and strategic metal materials, is a powerful country must be the inevitable.

- Baoji has two outstanding contributions to China's metallurgical industry ". Today's titanium industry has become the industry heritage is writing a new business card Baoji. According to statistics, 2014 Baoji Titanium Industry base is expected to titanium industry sales revenue of 3.3 billion yuan, the Baoji high tech Zone has become at home and abroad leading to titanium industry is given priority to, extension of tungsten and molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium and hafnium, dilute precious metals research and development, processing, sales base. The formation of "titanium sponge titanium titanium ingot forging - titanium - titanium parts and equipment" complete titanium processing industry chain. In titanium, titanium alloy, titanium and titanium alloy powder, titanium equipment, zirconium, hafnium, tantalum scale, niobium and other series of direction. Forming a series of products, such as the main line of titanium material, the main line of the products, aerospace, medical and titanium equipment, etc..

- 2020, Baoji titanium industry cluster will realize annual sales income of 1000 yuan, an annual output of 2000 tons of nuclear grade titanium, 500 tons of nuclear grade zirconium products and 500 tons of industrial zirconium. Baoji will truly become the world's leading new material and high-tech industry base in China. Baoji high tech Zone will become the world's titanium materials industry innovation network nodes, the largest domestic scale and cluster production base, Baoji's China Titanium Valley brand will be world-renowned.

Titanium Valley products will end the end of the deal signed 188 investment

2015 China Titanium annual conference and Titanium Industry Development Forum - China Titanium Valley (Baoji) products trade fair ended on May 23 afternoon, the Expo exhibitors the number of 2.3 million, a total of 188 trade and investment cooperation projects signed, the total amount of 9.83 billion yuan.

- this meeting invited the number of participants to break through 1000 people, foreign enterprises and important business customers 800 people. Expo lasted for 3 days, the number of visitors to the exhibition of about 2.3 people, of which more than 10 Russian and foreign merchants to visit the exhibition. BaoTi group as the host unit, display products covering the whole industry chain of titanium.

- the Expo, a total of 188 investment projects signed, the total amount of 98.3 yuan. Among them, 26 investment projects, total investment of 57.5 yuan; 162 trade cooperation projects, trade volume of 40.8 yuan. These projects cover aviation, space, ocean, ships, weapons, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, pharmaceutical and sports and other fields

4500 meters deep manned submersible shells - China's independent research and development in BaoTi factory

The first manned spherical shell by our self-developed 4500 meters submersible, recently in BaoTi group of factory inspection. This marks the level of the 4500 meters of China's manned submersible has reached the level of developed countries. September 10, 2015, by the Chinese Academy of engineering, China Classification Society and Zhejiang University and other colleges and universities, the team of experts to carry out a full range of manned spherical shell test. After inspection, expert group agreed that manned spherical shell plate, forging, spherical shell properties and gas tight water dense results meet the specification requirements, through the factory inspection.

According to BaoTi group submersible research group leader Jia Shuanxiao, the manned spherical shell for full titanium, weighing a total of 3 tons, is currently able to produce maximum manned spherical shell, the large castings factory will end China's long-term dependence on imports situation.

According to reports, the submersible manned spherical shell is diving is the core part, Silent Hunter member is water under several thousand meters of the work completed in this enclosed cabin. The design and manufacturing relationship between the navigation safety

In May 25, 2015, China's first domestic 4500 meters deep manned submersible pressure hull in the Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute. The ball shell and the "dragon", the pressure hull size quite, it is reported that "dragon", the titanium alloy pressure tight shell for the Russian manufacturing. Due to the difficulty of titanium alloy welding process, Russia in this regard, the world leader in this area, after only Russia has made titanium alloy pressure shell of nuclear submarines。

"Dragon" in the same type of little brother's first domestically. In May 25th, China's first 4500 m manned submersible manned spherical shell, in the 725 of the factory, the 4500 meters of the key equipment of the manned submersible, a major step forward.

Ti80 is China in 1985 in American Ti6211 on the basis of development of the bathyscaphe used near alpha titanium alloy, with moderate intensity, high toughness, corrosion resistance, weldability and good performance, has been widely used in the field of ocean. The manned space capsule is the most important core part of the 4500 meter manned submersible. It is the most important part of the localization of the key equipment of the 4500 m manned submersible.

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