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Bao Titanium Group Focused On Kneading For More Than A Decade.
Jun 11, 2018

“Shaanxi people like to eat pasta, when they knead, when they add water, how much water they add, how much time they rub, and so on. These are very important for the ability to knead the dough. The titanium alloy forging products we researched by our team must have certain processing technology. In terms of degree, it is similar to kneading dough.” At the beginning of the interview, Li Chenggang, deputy director of Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. Forging Plant, told reporters very vividly.

Li Chenggang's “team” in his mouth was selected as one of the team members of Baoji New Times Technology Innovation Pioneers in 2018—the Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.’s “Spacecraft Large-size Titanium Alloy Forgings R&D” technology innovation team.

In 2010, the forging factory introduced the internationally advanced 10,000-ton free-press forging unit. As the weight of the machine unit is very large, and the factory building is located along the banks of the Weihe River, it faces great challenges in terms of civil construction and installation of machinery and equipment. In the face of these difficulties, none of the members of the R&D team flinched. From the site survey, design proposal, simulation animation, to civil construction, to installation and commissioning, with the concerted efforts of everyone, the innovation team broke the introduction of the 10,000-ton press commissioning that took half a year, and it took only two months to complete the unit. The commissioning has laid a solid foundation for enterprises to develop new products and expand the military products market.

If the 10,000-ton free press is likened to a kneading machine, then the products developed by R&D are various kinds of cutting ribs, noodles, scallops, and scallops... and on the premise of ensuring cleanliness and hygiene, strictly in accordance with the needs of customers, Roll out noodles, dough, and the like that are wide, narrow, thin, thick, long, short, and other shapes with precise dimensions. Of course, the 10,000-ton forging press can be much more complex than the kneading machine, the temperature is much higher, and the volume is also much larger, and the “face” of the 10,000-ton free forging press is a variety of oversized bar, forging and titanium belts. . With the help of the 10,000-ton press production line, the innovation team has completed the development of a certain type of titanium alloy large-scale bar for aircraft engines, the development of titanium alloy large-scale bars for aircraft structural parts, and the development of large-size titanium alloy bars for commercial engines. "The research and development of large-size titanium alloy products such as the development of large-size titanium alloys for offshore engineering," "4500m deep diving manned spherical shell forging research". The team presided over and participated in more than ten national key R&D projects, including the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau. The project plans to spend more than 80 million yuan. Since August 2012, a total of 5,519 tons of heavy-duty slabs have been produced, and 2,310 tons of large-size titanium alloy rods have been produced. The company has increased production value by 1.1 billion yuan.

Since the establishment of the research and innovation team of Titanium Titanium Forging Plant, with the help of the 10,000-ton forging press production line, the company has made tremendous advancements in the processing technology of titanium alloy forging products, and the quality of large-size titanium alloy products has achieved a breakthrough-type upgrade to meet China's aerospace and marine industries. Development needs in areas such as engineering. A total of 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 3 third prizes were awarded for the Shaanxi Nonferrous Science and Technology Progress Award. The company applied for 3 national invention patents to add luster to the Bao Titanium brand.

Speaking of past achievements, He Shulin, director of the forging plant of Baoji Titanium Co., Ltd., said: “Our team’s achievements on the road to technological innovation are based on a tenacity and strength. In the past, we supported three lines from major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The experts who came to Baoji overcame all kinds of difficulties and made tremendous contributions to the development of Baoji. Our generation must also continue to pass on this innovative spirit of perseverance and perseverance. , Generation after generation."

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