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ASTM Announces International Standards For Metal Additive Manufacturing Medical, Aerospace And Other Parts
Jul 03, 2018

Recently, ASTM has released new international standards for medical, aerospace and other parts that use metal additive manufacturing technology. The standard number is F3303, which describes the process of making parts using laser or electron beam powder bed fusion technology, and outlines the steps involved in configuring and controlling digital data. This standard was developed by the ASTM International Materials Process Subcommittee and is part of the Additive Manufacturing Technical Committee. Another forthcoming standard is F3318, which is suitable for aluminum alloy parts printed by laser powder bed fusion technology.

    The field of manufacturing standards seems to be a bit boring relative to the process and technology of additive manufacturing, but the importance of setting standards in the metal additive manufacturing industry cannot be ignored. From the quality of the metal powder to the method of removing the bracket, the standard formulation helps to ensure the safety and stability of the part.

    At the same time, ASTM has announced new partners – EWI, Auburn University and NASA. It is reported that ASTM will establish an additive manufacturing center together with its partners to lay a solid foundation for the future of additive manufacturing, and to create an industry hub for the industry to improve technical standards, speed up research and development, and provide education and training.

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