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Application Of TC4 Titanium Rod In Automobile Manufacturing
Jan 05, 2019

The application charm of TC4 titanium rod in automobile is not only limited to the lightweight of a specific part, but also the effect of quality reduction on peripheral parts.

TC4 titanium rod is mainly used in engine system (valve, valve spring and its bearing, connecting rod, crankshaft, gearbox, steering rack and pinion, etc.), chassis system (spring, muffler, exhaust device, etc.), body system (including bushing and bearing of wheels, various half-shafts, fasteners, etc.).

The TC4 titanium rod has been widely used in racing because cost is not an issue in this field, and winning the race is the goal pursued by businesses.

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Automobile industry began in the mid - 1950 - s, with a TC4 titanium rod gm assembly in 1956 the exhibition with full titanium body, namely the firebird Ⅱ number, from the world automotive TC4 titanium rod.Starting in Japan in the 1960s, the original TC4 titanium rod was the nissan R382.Honda applied the TC4 titanium rods to racing cars, but it wasn't until the second half of the 1980s that it began considering mass production of TC4 titanium rods for vehicles.Since the 1990s, with the improvement of TC4 titanium rod smelting, casting and processing technology, especially the use of cold bed furnace smelting and the progress of titanium powder metallurgy technology, many low-cost titanium alloys have been developed successfully.At the same time, with the progress of the society, people put forward the requirements of weight reduction, energy saving, shock absorption, emission reduction and performance improvement. Therefore, the application of titanium in automobile has ushered in a good development opportunity.A japanese-made TC4 titanium alloy body and engine are displayed at the 29th international automobile exhibition in Tokyo in 1992.In 1996, the titanium automobile exhaust system developed by American company Timet was exhibited at the international titanium association conference. Subsequently, Chrysler and GM produced a prototype titanium exhaust system for mass production evaluation.

TC4 titanium rod for automobile was 669t in Japan from 1989 to 1998, and reached 600t in 2002.Timet reckons the world's TC4 titanium rods for automotive use will reach 5, 000t in 2008.To this end, they set up Timet automobile factory, specializing in the production of titanium alloy such as TC4 titanium rod for automobile and its parts.Using titanium alloy rod to make automobile valve can not only reduce the quality, prolong the service life, but also save fuel.Initially, the higher-cost titanium alloy was used, while the -tial application increased the maximum engine speed by about 10 percent.In recent years, various automobile companies have developed cheap titanium rods for engine valves, and some of them have reached mass production.The biggest problem in the development of titanium alloy inlet valve is the surface treatment technology of wear resistance.Surface treatment such as TiN coating, Mo injection layer and Cr spraying is costly and difficult to maintain its wear resistance for a long time, so it is not suitable for mass production.The most suitable method is the oxygenation treatment, that is, the solid solution of high concentration of oxygen in titanium, to improve its hardness.

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