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Anodized Titanium
Apr 21, 2016

Anodized titanium         

Titanium alloy is a very promising material. The chemical activity of titanium alloy at high temperature is 

very high, very susceptible to hydrogen and nitrogen pollution. Titanium alloy has low hardness, poor wear 

resistance, itself more positive potential, contact with other materials could easily lead to contact 

corrosion, and the hydrogen embrittlement and cadmium brittle are very sensitive. In order to solve the 

defects of titanium alloy. The surface treatment of titanium alloy are mainly chemical conversion coating, 

anodizing, electroplating, thermal diffusion, surface deposition, laser surface treatment and ion 

implantation etc.. The anodic oxidation and functional coatings are commonly used.

The TiO2 color is different on the thickness of the oxide layer, light interference caused by different. 

While the thickness of the oxide layer by voltage effect. Different voltage anodic titanium oxide color.

 Study on production and application of titanium electrode. The main products are: the recovery of copper 

etching solution with titanium anode, sodium hypochlorite production by adding titanium anode titanium 

anode, current cathodic protection (MMO), organic electrolytic synthesis of titanium 

anode, insoluble oxygen titanium anode, insoluble chlorine titanium anode, metal 

electrodeposition of titanium anode (electrowinning copper, zinc electrowinning etc.),

 electroplating anode (zinc, copper, nickel plating, six chromium, trivalent chromium, nickel, gold imitation 

plating zinc alloy, nickel alloy, tin plating, electronic circuitboard plating, tin plating, plating etc.), 

electrolytic extraction of cobalt and nickel, copper, zinc, cadmium and other titanium anode 

electrolytic copper foil, insoluble anode, sewage treatment using titanium 

anode, chlorate production with titanium anode, titanium anode, electrolytic ion water sterilizer, 

electrical floatation, electro catalytic sewage processor, electroplating wastewater treatment, while 

covering the titanium plate, titanium bar, titanium tube, Tai Si Titanium mesh, titanium mesh, 

titanium foil, titanium ingots, titanium rings, titanium cake.

Electrolytic water machine with alkaline electrolytic tank has a stable and good electrolysis effect, widely 

used in household electrolytic water machine, water disinfection machine and large water plant.

Titanium electrode is one of the key parts in the electrolytic water machine, and the quality of the whole water

 machine is directly affected by the metal electrode. How to choose the electrodes should be according to the 

nature of the work of the different rational selection. In the field of metal electrode in water treatment must

 meet the following basic requirements: (1) has good electrical conductivity; (2) resistance corrosion 

resistance; (3) mechanical strength and processability good; (4) long working life; (5) good electro catalytic 


In water treatment field, especially during the electrolysis of water, such as generating acid and alkali ion 

water and water are all strong oxidation, such as O3, H2O2, HClO,, and anode and often change. Therefore, it is

 necessary to use the special function of electrode. The titanium metal coating electrode is a platinum group 

precious metal oxide with high electrocatalytic performance, strong oxidation resistance and good electrical 

conductivity. The characteristic of the anode is:

(1) titanium has the characteristics of light weight, good strength, corrosion resistance, and good performance,

 especially the resistance to wet chlorine is not comparable with other metallic materials. For example: in the

 electrolysis of water there is a trace amount of chloride ions, the stainless steel plate will soon be pitting corrosion, so that the electrode life is shortened, and titanium does not exist these problems.

(2) due to the addition of a variety of platinum group precious metals, the current efficiency is high, the conductivity is good, the electrocatalytic performance is good, and the oxidation resistance is strong, the working life is long, and the energy is saved. 

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