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Analysis On The Development Trend Of Titanium Pipe In China
May 14, 2016

1, China's titanium industry background and titanium pipe application field introduction

From 1948 the magnesium reduction method to produce 2T titanium sponge to human ushered in the era of titanium industry; although the real industrialization began in the 1950s, but titanium with light specific gravity, high strength, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, good resistance to high temperature, welding, no magnetic, good biocompatibility etc. many excellent characteristics, has been widespread concern; but because of the high cost of production, hindering the titanium material in the field of industrial use on a large scale. 

In recent years, the progress of science and technology development and production technology makes titanium can be processed into products for a variety of applications in many fields, after more than half a century of development, titanium materials has become indispensable industry aerospace, marine, petroleum, chemical, medical and other materials.

Data from table 1 can be seen......

2, the production process and product characteristics of titanium seamless pipe

As the performance of pure titanium is similar to that of ordinary steel, the production process of titanium tube is similar to that of steel tube. However, the application of titanium tube has been subject to cost constraints. 

In recent years, with the market changes, the increase in the production of titanium materials, resulting in a gradual decline in the price of titanium tube, while the economic applicability of titanium tube has gradually been recognized by everyone, which makes the application of the pipe to further expand......

Existing titanium seamless pipe production technology mature, product availability, stability, but for the special requirements of pipe, titanium seamless pipe production difficulty larger, such as titanium and titanium alloy thin-walled tubes, the length of more than 14m long titanium tubes; and titanium seamless pipe production tools, abrasives more, equipment complex, leading to the manufacturer with limited production capacity, production cycle is longer, unable to meet the demand of the market for thin wall pipe, a long tube, tube are low cost.

3, the production process and product characteristics of titanium welded pipe in our country

Based on the shortcomings of the above titanium seamless pipe, titanium pipe came into being. At present, the international large-scale titanium welded pipe company has the Japanese Steel Corp and the Kobe Steel Company, the French Valtimet company, the Russian VSMPO company and so on. In the middle of 1980s, the Baoji nonferrous metal processing factory introduced the titanium pipe production line from the United States. Since then, the history of the production of titanium welded pipe can not be produced in our country. The main factor that restricts the development of titanium pipe in our country is the titanium strip production technology. Until 2005 by Baoji Titanium shares initiated, French Valtimet company provides technology support, American Timet company supply of titanium with coil material, three jointly funded the establishment of Xi'an BaoTi Meite farynor welded tube Co., Ltd.......

Titanium pipe with the stable supply of titanium with a further decline in the cost of competition is more intense. Data shows that since 2008, the titanium sponge production capacity expansion type expansion, accelerate the titanium in our country with the pace of the construction of the production line, in titanium with raw material supply situation is changing rapidly and China's nuclear power construction planning is expected to stimulate the.

 Since 2008, China set off a strong titanium pipe production line investment boom... Can be predicted, titanium pipe cost advantage, will lead to future titanium pipe partly replace titanium seamless tube.

4, the development prospects of other titanium tube

Production and development of 4.1 large diameter hot extruded titanium alloy tubes

With the development of economy, the development of oil and gas drilling and exploitation is accelerated, and the requirement of hot extruded tube for the large diameter titanium alloy pipe in the oil well, geothermal and natural gas well is increased.

At present, the United States will (48-610) mmx26mmx2600mm of Ti6Al4V-Ru alloy tube for geothermal, offshore drilling pipe, tube 650mmx RMI (22-25) mmx350000mm long Ti3Al2.5V-Ru alloy used for the exploitation of offshore oil; vertical Norway's North sea drilling platform by tube is 600mmx25mmx15000mm of Ti6Al4V Eli alloy tube...

4.2 production and development of titanium tube

The titanium tube R & D process is relatively slow, only the United States companies using extrusion and drawing method, produce square, rectangle, triangle, oval, and a variety of shapes of titanium tube and become one of the world's production of titanium pipe company. Due to the titanium alloy in room temperature forming with anisotropy, deformation resistance, plastic, extension rate is limited, the difficulty of forming, springback, and other notable features. The bending process of titanium is very complex, because of this reason, limiting the development of titanium tube. Application of titanium tube......

5, conclusion

On the one hand, with the upgrading of the technical transformation of titanium sponge factory, further improve the efficiency, the cost of titanium sponge will also be reduced, which directly lead to lower cost of titanium processing material, promote the market application of titanium material. On the other hand, the recovery of residual titanium production line to further improve, the cost of titanium material will be reduced, compared to other materials of the pipe, the price of titanium pipe will be more competitive advantage......

In titanium pipe, with titanium with the establishment of the production line, with titanium production process improvement, steady improvement in the quality of strip products, the titanium pipe itself reduced the production cost, price stability; with titanium tube welding quality raise, will further expand the titanium pipe market share, and gradually replace the use of titanium seamless tube.

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