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Analysis Of Seamless Titanium Tube In China
Mar 30, 2018

    Because the performance of pure titanium is similar to ordinary steel, the production technology have no difference in a way, and the application of steel pipe has always been replaced by titanium tube. However, the application of titanium tubes has been restricted by cost. In recent years, with the market changing, the increase of titanium producers has led to the gradual decline of titanium tube prices. Meanwhile, the economic applicability of titanium tubes has been gradually recognized by everyone, which makes the application of tubes further expand.


    The titanium tube is mainly divided into seamless tube and welded pipe. The cold rolling vacuum annealing process(titanium ingots----forging bar billets----tube billets----titanium tube)is widely used in the production of titanium seamless pipes on the market. There are two kinds of production process of tube billets, one way is drilling extrusion process, but the selection of suitable glass lubricant is the key to the extrusion, and have a large equipment investment; another is widely used in the production of steel pipes of skew rolling piercing way, in the process of perforation, sometimes appear impenetrable phenomenon, head stuck in the blank, which is currently the technical aspects of the production of technical problems worthy of study.

    Although the processing technology of titanium alloy seamless tube is relatively mature,  because of the existing equipment, the titanium tubes mainly to low strength pure titanium, low strength low titanium alloy as the main material, processing technology is still cold based. And the production of medium and high strength titanium alloy pipe, such as Ti6Al4V material pipe, need to adopt the warm rolling technology, that is to install the induction heating device on the pipe mill. It can be seen that in the future, on the production of titanium seamless pipes, large scale seamless pipes and some alloy pipes will be mass produced and widely applied along with the large-scale equipment, the improvement of auxiliary equipment and the continuous optimization of technology.

    The existing production of titanium seamless pipe has mature technology and product supply stability, but for the special requirements of the pipe,there are huge difficulties in process, such as titanium and titanium alloy thin-walled tube, super long titanium tube with length more than 14m. At the same time, titanium seamless tube production need more tools,  equipment complex,which lead to the long production cycle and cann't meet the market demand for a large number of thin walled tube, low cost, long tube .

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