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Aerospace Seiko Research Of The L Angle And Titanium Alloy Six - Angle Cylinder Head Bolts Through The Product Quality And Installation Review
Apr 11, 2017

November 15th, AVIC 611 in Chengdu hosted the aerospace Seiko bearing research project installed will be assessed, to participate in the assessment in the military on behalf of the flying company room, representatives of the Military Air Force stationed in Tianjin, representatives of the Military Air Force stationed in Zhengzhou, the aircraft industry to fly the company, 301, 24 representatives of Aerospace Precision units among them; Aerospace Precision by the deputy general manager of the company Zhong Chongbin led, relevant personnel of scientific research and production department, Tianjin Corporation, Henan company, marketing companies and other departments and units to participate in.

The review of the project mainly includes Tianjin Corporation research L angle film and the Henan company's research into the titanium alloy six corner cylinder head bolts. Among them, the L angle film contains 1 standard products, which are mainly used for fixing the frame clamp in the system connection, and can be widely used in various types of aircraft as the replacement product of the traditional corner pieces. Titanium alloy inner six angle cylinder head bolt contains 1 standard 4 specifications of products, mainly for new products and a new type of high-altitude high-speed aircraft structure and system development at the same time as the connection; flying into the company's new product demand, the new machine can be directly supporting.

Company commitment to the successful implementation of the project through the quality of the product and the installation of the review, with the military model matching qualifications for the company to undertake follow-up related products provide an important guarantee. (source: titanium mesh)


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