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A New Leap In The Development Of Titanium -- An Exhibition On Military And Civilian Integration Materials And Equipment Exhibition Held In Beijing In 2017
Sep 22, 2017

A new leap in the development of titanium -- an exhibition on military and civilian integration materials and equipment exhibition held in Beijing in 2017

In September 21st, sponsored by the association, the peaceful use of military technology Chinese China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association of CTA, and the National Federation of science and technology equipment industry association, Beijing hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted the 2017 civil military integration materials and equipment exhibition in Beijing International Exhibition center. This exhibition is based on the theme of "making new energy with wisdom and promoting the development of military and civilian integration", with the theme of "enriching forms of integration, expanding the scope of integration and enhancing the level of integration". Vice president of China Nonferrous Metals Association Zhao Jiasheng attended and delivered a speech. Cao Chunxiao, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Guocheng, Chinese Academy of Engineering in Sichuan Province, Panzhihua City Vice Mayor Liu Jianmin, China nonferrous metal Association vice president of CTA, and Secretary General Jia Hong, as well as from the national defense science and Industry Bureau, Chinese shipbuilding group, China shipbuilding group, Chinese Electronics Technology Group, the Central Committee and the development of civil military integration Chinese nuclear industry group, China Ordnance Group, China aero engine group and other military leaders, BaoTi group company, Hunan Hunan invested Jintian Technology Group Company titanium industry backbone enterprises representatives attended the opening ceremony.

Zhao Jiasheng pointed out that in driving the progress of science and technology and military reform, military and civilian integration strategy has become the powerful current of the times, not only for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation plug in the wings to take off, let "China manufacturing" in the international arena walking quartet.

He said, "civil military integration" as a national strategy, related to national security and overall development, is both a national initiative and a powerful policy, is the focus of government work, but also the direction of enterprise development. The layout of military industry in state-owned and private enterprises is a new trend brought about by the big environment, and it is the only way for the market economy that the military enterprises turn to civilian areas. High performance materials, intelligent equipment and ancillary products play a crucial role in the national economy, national defense construction and national economy and people's livelihood, and play an irreplaceable role. Nonferrous metal industry is one of the important raw materials, since entering the new century, the rapid development of China's nonferrous metals industry, in the production, consumption, trade volume ranked first in the world, and the level of technology and equipment to achieve a qualitative leap. 

Military and civilian dual-use materials are the material basis for the development and production of weapons and equipment, and their technical content determines the quality of weapons and equipment, and is related to the overall situation of the national defense science and technology industry. With the development of the national defense economy and the change of the pattern, high performance, low cost, multi-function and intelligence are the future directions for the development of materials and equipment.

Cao Chunxiao delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, he said, in 2017, part of national macro guidance level and reform and adjustment, and actively explore and practice innovation in the industry, the grass-roots units, the development of civil military integration to the depth and breadth on, especially the material industry, high end equipment manufacturing industry, the field of dual-use information technology so, the development of the most active, has spawned many new technologies, new products, new businesses. The exhibition has become an important window for friendship and mutual benefit between the army and the people.

After the opening ceremony, the exhibition was officially carried out. BaoTi group, shaped titanium, titanium, and Poly letter Xinpeng group, Hunan golden days show military products are the army, navy and air force and other military leaders affirmed, especially titanium and titanium alloy large diameter seamless pipe, Xinpeng group military gun highly, hope for the future of both military and civilian to establish the cooperation opportunity.

In the exhibition hall, in addition to most enterprises have an independent booth, Shaanxi, Baoji, titanium Valley, and Henan Zhongyuan titanium Valley to focus on the way enterprises display attracted special attention of journalists. Shaanxi Baoji titanium valley of Baoji high tech Zone, Dezhong technology titanium, Boxin metal prosperity and other enterprises more than 300 exhibitors, including titanium alloy rotor machine, "tiger" armored personnel carriers and amphibious motorcycle concern. The Central Valley in Henan city of Luoyang province titanium Xin'an County government as the basis, to gather and form the exhibition, including the Luoyang Shuangrui Wanji titanium industry, new nuclear titanium industry, Luoyang Peng from the industry, Shunyi titanium, three line titanium industry enterprises. It is reported that the Central Valley County to build the new titanium titanium industrial park, plans in the "13th Five-Year" at the end, covering aerospace, marine equipment, high-end residential and other fields. According to the Xin'an County county magistrate Zhi Shuan introduction, Xin'an County will use the production of sponge titanium resources of high-end, continuously settled titanium and titanium alloy processing enterprises, to achieve an extension of the whole industry chain, to the aerospace, marine equipment, military field forward.

This exhibition lasts for 3 days, showcasing all kinds of materials and equipment supporting technologies and products in the field of military and civilian use, and setting up an exchange and display platform for the military and civilian enterprises. It plays an important role in speeding up the transformation of military and civilian achievements in science and technology, promoting the open sharing of military and civilian resources, and realizing the complementarity of military and civilian advantages. The exhibition will be visited by representatives from various trades, experts and people from the industry.

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