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The Canada Company Provides An Ultra Large Titanium Alloy Bottom Forging Heating Furnace For Aerospace Suppliers
Jun 10, 2017

Recently, Canada (Can-Eng Furnaces) add flower furnace international limited by a North American Aerospace supplier commissioned a diameter of about 11 meters (36 feet) of the disc rotary hearth heating furnace. The furnace will be used in the production of titanium and nickel based alloy die forgings for large fixed wing aircraft.

The bottom heating furnace drives the billet directly to the heating area of the heating furnace by means of an external drive to achieve continuous operation, which is a reliable way of heating the multi dimensional billets. The furnace has an advanced low NOx combustion system that meets the most stringent environmental and temperature uniformity requirements. A special double door design provides high flexibility for customers to perform forging operations in existing plant layouts. Open hearth structure can be flexible loading and uniform heating. The integration of the ceramic fiber furnace lining with low shrinkage and rotary hearth special driving system and sealing system, can handle about 113.5 tons in all-weather continuous operating conditions (250 thousand pounds) of blank, and meet the requirements of thermal performance of AMS2750E in the third quarter of 2017 is expected to put into use in the United states.

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