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3D Printing Technology Is Used In Ship Manufacturing, Too Advanced!
Mar 02, 2017

From the definition of the American Society for testing and materials, increasing material manufacturing is based on the

 3D CAD data material connection process objects, is a process of accumulation layer; 3D refers to the print object 

manufacturing technology using the print head, nozzle or other printing material deposited, 3D printing is also used to 

increase representation material manufacturing technology. Additional material manufacturing technology is different 

from the traditional machining method, machining method using 3D design data of rapid prototyping in one device, solve

 many complex parts forming problems, and effectively shorten the processing cycle. So far, increasing material 

manufacturing technology has been successfully applied in food, art, fashion, aerospace, automotive, medical, construction

 and education industries, by the U.S. "time" magazine as "the ten fastest growing industry", the British "economist" will

 be regarded as "the third the industrial revolution". It can be seen that the advantages and development prospects of the 

technology of increasing material manufacturing.


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